Missed Fracture Success Stories

  • Delayed Wrist Surgery - £5,000

    Steve fell on his outstretched left hand whilst on a night out socialising with friends. The case was settled by one of JMW’s expert solicitors for £5,000.

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  • Knee Fracture - £130,000

    Lauren was left with a deformed and painful knee after doctors failed to diagnose a fracture she had sustained in an accident. Her case was taken on by Melissa Gardner, who was successful in obtaining £130,000 in compensation for Lauren.

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  • Failure to Carry Out an X-ray on Fractured Wrist - £80,000

    Mary, 31, was left with on-going pain and restricted movement after a delay in diagnosing a scaphoid fracture. Her case was taken on by JMW and she was awarded £80,000 in compensation.

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  • Poor Treatment of Fracture - £5,500

    Poor treatment of a fracture led to unnecessary pain and suffering for Linda. Her case was taken on by JMW and she was awarded £5,500 in compensation.

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  • Hip Fracture - £50,000

    £50,000 Gina, Birmingham

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  • Hip Fracture - £10,000

    Lucy, Aged 55 - £10,000

    Lucy fell at home and broke her hip - the break was not identified when she went to the hospital and as a result she suffered complications.

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  • Samantha - Scaphoid Fracture

    Samantha, 18 years old

    Samantha was playing football when the ball struck her right hand forcing it backwards resulting in a hyperextension injury of the wrist. She had just started her university degree.

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  • Clavicle Fracture - £4,250

    Andy, 41 years old, Manchester

    Andy came off his bike and sustained a fractured left clavicle (collar bone). It was treated conservatively with a sling and pain killers and appeared to heal well.

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  • Elbow Fracture - £1,100

    Mandy, 11 years old, Staffordshire

    Mandy was performing gymnastics with she fell on to her left arm (she was right handed). She heard a crack when she fell and was sure she had broken it. Her parents took her to A&E where an x-ray was taken.

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  • Foot Fracture - £5,000

    Carol, 65 years old, Warwick

    Carol fell down the stairs at home and injured her foot one morning. After two days the foot was still painful so she attended the local A&E department. She told Doctors that she had osteoporosis and they took an x-ray of the foot but no injury was found.

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  • Fractured Ankle - £125,000

    Julie, 40 years old, Weston

    When Julie fell at home she injured her left ankle and therefore attended A+E at her local hospital. The ankle was very painful and however once an x-ray was taken a physician assistant could see no evidence of a fracture.

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  • Humerus Fracture - £20,000

    Kathryn, 12 years old, Burnley

    Kathryn was 12 years old when she was knocked down by a car, injuring her right shoulder. She was taken to the A+E Department at Burnley General Hospital. An X-ray showed that Kathryn had suffered a displaced fracture of the neck of the right humerus.

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  • Misdiagnosed Scaphoid Fracture Results in a Permanently Distorted Wrist - £232,500

    Stuart, 29 years old, Leicester

    Stuart was working as a Prison Officer when he fell playing football and injured his right wrist. He attended his local A+E Department that day where a series of X-rays, which did not include scaphoid views, were taken. The X-rays were reviewed by a Consultant Radiologist who failed to find an injury.

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