Bunion Surgery Case Studies

These case studies outline how, with JMW's help, two victims of negligent care during bunion surgery were awarded substantial payouts.

If you are looking for information on how JMW can help you to make a claim yourself you can go directly to our surgery negligence claims page here, and if you are looking for information on bunion treatment please visit the NHS website here.

Case Study: Bunion Surgery

Compensation: £10,000

Jane, 44, Wirral

Forty-four year old Jane had ongoing trouble with bunions, and as they were becoming increasingly painful, her GP referred her to a surgical centre where she was advised to undergo an operation on her toe joint.

After the surgery, the foot remained very painful and stiff and Jane had difficulty in walking any distance. Also, the bunion deformity of the toe had not been corrected. Things did not improve and six months later she needed further surgery to remove the screw from the toe. During surgery it was discovered that the screw was too long for the size of the toe and it had penetrated the cartilage of the joint.

Jane continues to have pain in her left big toe on walking and standing and she is unable to wear high heeled shoes. Further deterioration of the joint is likely in the future and she may well require further surgery in 10-15 years time.

If it wasn’t for the negligent surgery Jane would have experienced only moderate discomfort post –op and the position of the toe would have been corrected.

The case was settled by JMW’s expert solicitors for £10,000.

Case Study: Failed bunionectomy

Compensation: £35,000

Angela, 24, Rugby

Angela, 24, from Rugby, was referred to hospital by her GP with pain in her left foot. An increase in size of the bunion on her left big toe was noted. However, the surgeon believed that it was more of a metatarsus varus than an actual bunion. Angela was advised that she ought to undergo a metatarsal osteotomy and divide the bunion at the same time.

Undergoing surgery

Six months later Angela attended the hospital for surgery. Instead of performing a metatarsal osteotomy, the Surgeon confined the procedure to a bunionectomy. Unfortunately, the operation failed.

As a result of the failure to carry out the osteotomy Angela required further surgery to perform this procedure which was eventually carried out two years later. The second operation was complicated by severe pain in Angela’s left heel and leg necessitating revision surgery.

Living with complex regional pain

Following the revision surgery Angela developed a complex regional pain syndrome with chronic symptoms of debility, spasms, sensitivity and stiffness.

JMW Solicitors alleged that the surgeon was negligent in carrying out a bunionectomy when an osteotomy was required.

The claim was settled and Angela accepted £35,000 compensation.

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