‘Women more likely to feel let down by the NHS than men’ according to new study

30 October 2013

A new study carried out by Manchester law firm JMW Solicitors has revealed that women are more likely to feel let down by the NHS than men.

The study, commissioned by the law firm’s clinical negligence department, asked a sample of UK-based respondents from a variety of age and wage brackets to share their opinion on the NHS.

“In light of the pummelling the NHS has taken in the media recently and the completion of the Keogh Mortality Review, we wanted to find out how the public was feeling about the service as a whole, from their experience of GPs and nurses to hospital visits”, said Eddie Jones, Partner in Clinical Negligence at JMW Solicitors.

“Perhaps the most surprising outcome of the study was that women are significantly more likely to feel let down by the NHS than men.”

In answer to the question ‘Do you feel that you've ever been let down by the NHS?’ 46.97% of female respondents said ‘yes’, compared to just 26.87% of male respondents.

Speaking about the gender discrepancy, Eddie Jones said “This is particularly strange from our perspective, as we see no distinction between the genders when it comes to poor care and the subsequent launching of clinical negligence claims.”

A report, written to accompany the results of the study, speculates that the apparent gender difference ‘could be a result of the fact that women are more likely to report ill health than men, as revealed in three 2010 studies which looked at how those aged 35-74 at the time of the 2001 Census rated their health, and their mortality from 2001 to 2006’.

Other than the fact that female respondents were more likely to feel that the NHS had let them down in the past, the study’s findings were remarkably positive, contradicting the somewhat black image portrayed by some media outlets.

For example, 87.5% of respondents agreed that overall, the NHS was doing ‘a good job’ whilst 88.5% believed that they had been treated well the last time they visited the doctor.

Despite the fact that the Keogh Mortality Review was tasked with identifying ‘failures in professionalism, leadership and governance’, 80% of the study sample felt either ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’ about the professionalism displayed during their last visit to an NHS institution.

To download the full report click here.

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