Serious Assault and Public Order

Allegations of serious assault can lead to significant punishments, such as a prison sentence, so it is essential those facing such accusations have access to the very best legal representation. At JMW, we have a team of highly experienced solicitors, who have successfully defended many people alleged to have been violent to others. Our Private Client Criminal Law Service is designed to provide a first-class level of care to those facing such difficulties, and the bespoke nature of the service means we are able to be as dedicated and thorough as is required in cases such as these.


There are varying levels of seriousness when it comes to assault. This is often dependent on the injury caused, the vulnerability of the victim and other factors such as the presence of alcohol or drugs. The most serious assaults can result in grievous bodily harm and the development of robust sentencing guidelines mean that specialist representation is essential in helping to avoid conviction or a custodial sentence.


Public Order Act offences do not necessarily involve violence and the seriousness of the offences can vary widely, from rioting to causing a breach of the peace. Less obvious public order offences arise where certain material is broadcast, published or even performed. Clients are sometimes unaware that the alleged activity amounts to a criminal offence. The more serious examples of such misbehaviour can lead to tough punishment, especially where racial hatred is alleged - and this highlights the need for early advice from specialist legal representation.


At JMW, we are well-versed in dealing with serious assault and public order cases and our Private Client Criminal Law Service means we are able to pay even more attention to detail from the preparation stage, through to representation in the Magistrates and Crown Court.


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