Stage 4 - Witness Statements


Witness statements are crucial testimonies that will help you demonstrate the evidence supporting your case for unlawful treatment.

With this service, we provide you with access to a guide offering expert tips and examples on how to structure a statement of this kind. When you have put your draft statement together, we will review your draft witness statements to ensure they include the most relevant details.

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If you need advice on preparing your witness statements for an employment tribunal hearing, and have them reviewed by a trusted solicitor, we offer a standalone online service to help you ensure that you have included all of the relevant details in a format that is compelling and clear. 

This simple and straightforward support service means you avoid having to pay for the entire cost of a complete tribunal service in favour of an affordable one-off fee.

This service is suitable for those who wish to take action for unfair dismissal or cases involving owed pay, such as redundancy, holiday or notice pay. It is not necessarily the right path for those involved in more complex cases.

Purchase this service today and gain immediate access to expert guidance on your witness statements. Once you have submitted your details, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

What the Witness Statement Service Offers

The service will assist you with the writing and preparation of witness statements for a flat rate of £500.

For this fee, we will provide you with access to an expert guide on how to structure a witness statement, which is full of helpful tips and advice from our qualified team. We will then review the draft versions of your various witness statements, ensuring you have included all the most relevant details, and that the account is as well-written and as legally persuasive as it can be.

The information you provide to us has to be completely accurate, or you run the risk of your claim not being properly presented.

If your employer offers to settle the case early during the witness statement process, we can review the settlement terms (called a COT3 agreement) as an add-on service for £100. With this service, you will be able to break down and understand the full legal implications of any proposed settlement before you accept it.

How Does the Process Work?

Witness statements are usually exchanged a few weeks before the hearing itself, with the exact time scale decided by the tribunal when they set out their schedule for the case. This gives each side time to review what the other party will say in the tribunal, and prepare follow-up questions for the cross-examination.

Once statements have been written, claimants and their witnesses should expect to be quizzed extensively on them during the tribunal. It is vital that the statements are robust and accurate and that every witness is able to attend the hearing in person, as absentee witnesses cannot be questioned, meaning their statements are usually ignored.

Outside of exceptional circumstances, the tribunal will not allow you to add any new information or change your evidence once the witness statements have been exchanged. It is therefore important to make sure the statement is comprehensive and complete before submitting it.


What is a Witness Statement?

A witness statement will offer a direct first-person perspective from a work colleague or another relevant observer on the nature of the mistreatment over which you are looking to hold your employer accountable.

Rather than providing an affirmation of your character, witness statements should focus on describing any events they have seen that provide evidence to support your case, written in chronological order with as much relevant detail as possible, including reference to relevant documents. Witnesses who provide statements will also need to attend the tribunal itself, as the tribunal will want to ask follow-up questions about the testimony during cross-examination.

It is common for both sides involved in the dispute to have witness statements supporting them, and the party with the most witnesses will not necessarily always win. However, it is possible for compelling witness testimony to make a decisive difference, and in some cases, it can be all it takes to persuade an employer to consider settlement.

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