Stage 5 - Hearing Preparation


The service will help you prepare for the main employment tribunal hearing itself, during which you will answer questions about your case, ask questions of the employer, and hopefully receive a positive outcome.

By purchasing this service, your submissions to the tribunal and the questions you have prepared for the witnesses brought in by your employer will be reviewed by JMW. We will also provide you with an expert guide on how tribunal hearings are conducted.

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If you need help preparing for an employment tribunal hearing, JMW Solicitors offers a standalone online support package to help you with your hearing preparation. By reviewing the documents you will be submitting and briefing you on what to expect, you’ll put yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

This simple and straightforward service allows you to pay an affordable one-off fee rather than the larger cost of a complete tribunal service, which we believe will be manageable for many more budgets.

However, the service is best suited to those who wish to take action for unfair dismissal or cases involving owed pay, such as redundancy, holiday or notice pay. It may not be possible or suitable for complex cases.

Purchase this service today and gain access to JMW’s support package on all aspects of employment tribunal preparation. Once you have submitted your details, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

What the Employment Tribunal Preparation Services Offers

The service will help you to prepare for your employment tribunal hearing for a flat rate of £250.

For this fee, you will be granted access to an expert guide on how tribunal hearings are conducted, giving detailed insight into what to expect and how to prepare to ask questions of the respondent’s witnesses. We will also review all of the documents you will be submitting to support your tribunal case, as well as check over the questions you have prepared for the other party’s witnesses.

As the tribunal process enters its later stages, employers will sometimes try to offer an out-of-court settlement. If this happens, we can review the COT3 agreement document laying out the full terms of the settlement as a £100 add-on service, allowing you to fully understand the legal implications of the proposed agreement before you commit to anything.

Additionally, if you would prefer to instruct a barrister to represent you rather than conduct the hearing yourself, we can provide you with the contact details for trusted barristers’ chambers as part of this service. In this instance, you would need to pay the barrister directly.

When submitting your information, it is vital that what you provide is completely accurate, or you run the risk of your claim not being properly presented.

About Employment Tribunal Hearings

During the employment tribunal process, you will attend up to two hearings - the preliminary hearing and the main hearing.

The preliminary hearing is a preparatory exercise used to lay out the basics of the case for the judge and to determine whether any claims can be struck out immediately, as well as determine when the main tribunal hearing will be held. Preliminary hearings are not required for every tribunal, and are only usually held when dealing with more complex cases.

Meanwhile, the main hearing is usually the final step in the tribunal process, and is when the tribunal considers for the first time whether your claim should succeed or fail. At the hearing, you will have the opportunity to present the evidence you have provided, answer questions your employer might pose about your case, and ask questions of your own about the testimony provided by the other side’s witnesses.

How Does the Process Work?

By the time you get to the final hearing you should already have compiled all of the relevant documentation and evidence, which you will have exchanged with the respondent. There will also be a joint, page-numbered bundle of documents in which all your and your employer’s documents will be kept in one place.

Witness statements are usually exchanged by the two parties two or four weeks before the hearing itself, giving you plenty of time to prepare questions to ask the other side. When all the evidence has been heard, the tribunal judge will make their decision - either on the same day, or by sending you the judgment at a later date.

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Purchase our hearing preparation support package today, and start receiving access to this service. Once you have submitted your details, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

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