Employment Tribunal Claim Lodged on Behalf of 225 City Link Employees


Employment lawyers at full service law firm JMW Solicitors LLP have today lodged a claim on behalf of over 225 ex City Link employees for City Links failure to properly consult.

Led by employment Partner Carl Moran, the team at JMW are working hard on behalf of the ex-City Link employees to gain compensation after the firm went into administration on Christmas Eve with the closure of 51 depots and the loss of over 2,500 jobs.  Now the claim has been lodged JMW only have until 23 March to look at any news cases and add them to the Group Action due to the deadline for limitation for commencing ACAS early conciliation.

Confusion has been common regarding if an individual can make a claim when their employer has gone into Administration. All employees are entitled to claim up to 8 weeks’ pay in addition to any redundancy or notice pay they may have already received due to City Link’s failure to properly consult with them. It is doubtful that there will be sufficient assets to pay the damages owed which will mean that the Government will pay the bill of any damages awarded.

Commenting on the claim, Carl Moran, Partner in the Employment Law at JMW said:

“Time is running out now for any ex-City Link employees who haven’t yet joined the action to claim up to 8 weeks additional pay even if they have already received redundancy or notice pay. Former employees can make a claim no matter how long they had been employed by City Link. We now have up until 23 March to review any further cases and include them in the Group Action against so time is of the essence for anyone who has a valid claim to get in touch with us. We are still getting ex-employees contacting us and we would encourage as many as possible to come forward before the deadline.”

Whilst the tribunal process has only just started early indications are that each employee may recover several thousand pounds depending on how the case processes but it may be several months before the final hearing will take place.

JMW would like any former City Link employees to get in contact with a member of the team if they believe they may benefit from joining the Action. With time running out to lodge your claim please contact the dedicated team on 0845 241 7976 or email citylink@jmw.co.uk by Friday 20 March at the latest.




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