Morrisons supermarkets have been held liable for the unauthorised copying and disclosure of more than 100,000 employees’ payroll information by a disgruntled ex-employee.

If you have been affected by the data leak, you are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

JMW is already representing more than 5,000 Morrisons employees, helping them to claim for compensation, and there is still time for you to make a claim.

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In 2017, the High Court ruled that Morrisons is legally responsible for the data breach of its employees’ payroll information by a disgruntled ex-employee.

In 2018, the supermarket chain appealed the High Court’s judgment, thereby attempting to stop employees from claiming any form of compensation or legal recourse.

However, the Court of Appeal dismissed Morrisons’ appeal on 10th October 2018.
Find out more about the appeal dismissal here.

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Q:Why do I need to make a claim before 6th April 2019?

A: Due to recent changes in the law, from 6th April 2019, success fees for privacy and breach of confidence cases are no longer going to be recoverable from the responsible party. This means that solicitors representing claimants will be required to take a portion of the compensation awarded.

Q: Why should I make a claim for the Morrisons data leak?

A: A breach of confidential information or the misuse of personal information can lead to emotional and financial distress, due to the loss of control of your information and the risk of identity fraud. The experienced team at JMW works to secure substantial compensation for those who have been affected.

Q: What can I claim for when my data has been leaked?

A: If you have been affected by the Morrisons data leak, you can make a claim just for being a victim. Further compensation can be sought if the leak has impacted your life, for instance, caused any stress, worry and anxiety or had an effect on your social and domestic life.


The Morrisons data breach is the first case of its kind in English legal history, so it’s important that you get help from solicitors with vast experience in handling data breach claims.

JMW has represented the victims of the Morrisons data breach from the outset.

Data breaches can cause enormous damage and distress to those affected, and our privacy law experts have a strong track record of helping those who have had their personal information leaked without their consent - they are currently working with more than 5,000 Morrisons staff members.

JMW has been at the forefront of this developing legal area. We act for data breach victims on a day-to-day basis.

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