What are the risks of the leak?

Private information and personal data has been disclosed without permission.

Clearly, individuals whose details have been leaked could be at risk of unwanted contact from third parties concerning their adopted child.  Equally, those affected will suffer a loss of control of their information and, potentially, exposure to the risk of ID fraud.

Can you make a legal claim?

Have you received written notification that your information was exposed?

Have you suffered any upset or distress as a result of the leak?  Or other negative consequences?

Subject to the circumstances of your case, you may have a legal claim for compensation and other legal remedies.

JMW’s Expertise

JMW deals with data leak cases on a day to day basis.

We have been involved in many high profile data privacy cases and helped victims of data leaks to recover substantial damages and secure other legal remedies.

For example, JMW is currently acting on behalf of over 5,500 past and present employees of the retailer Morrisons whose data was stolen by a former colleague (and who was later jailed for the crime).  The Court is due to provide a ruling in the case in the next few months


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