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Drink Driving - Repeat Offences Advice

If you have previously been convicted for a drink driving offence and are being accused of the same once more, the expert motoring solicitors at JMW can help. We can explain the options available to you and make sure you are doing all you can to keep any penalty to a minimum.

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About Drink Driving Repeat Offences

If you have previously been convicted for a drink driving offence, or you have been arrested on more than one occasion for drink driving, you will already be aware of the seriousness of this type of allegation. However, repeat offences call for much harsher penalties.

It is therefore imperative that if you are facing a repeat charge you have access to the very best legal assistance. At JMW, we are hugely experienced in drink drive claims and will guide and support you throughout the process, making sure you have the best chance of securing the outcome you are after.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the right legal assistance may be able to:

  • Identify and build a defence
  • Find fault with police procedures
  • Challenge device calibration


If the current drink drive allegation you are facing is alleged to have been committed within a ten-year period from the date of any previous drink driving conviction, the consequences of a further conviction could be severe.

For a second drink driving offence, the court will refer to their sentencing guidelines to decide on a suitable punishment. The worst case scenario would be a prison sentence, with the maximum prison sentence able to be imposed by the Magistrates' Court being six months.

As well as the possibility of a prison sentence, you will also receive a mandatory drink driving disqualification for at least three years. The length of the drink driving disqualification may be longer, depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

The court has been issued with the following guidance regarding the length of any drink driving disqualification that is imposed:

  • The period to be imposed in any individual case will depend on an assessment of all the relevant circumstances, including the length of time since the earlier ban was imposed and the gravity of the current offence

Why Choose JMW?

If you have already decided to plead guilty to the drink driving allegation you are currently facing, you will require expert motoring law assistance. With the help of the team at JMW, you will be giving yourself a fighting chance of limiting the drink driving penalty that will be imposed by the court.

We are highly experienced in helping people who find themselves in this position and are fearing the worst, and we can help to make sure you do everything you can to help you secure a more favourable outcome.

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