Pleading Guilty in Motoring Cases

If you plead guilty to a motoring offence, unless you are able to argue special reasons, you may face a disqualification or serious fine.

If you have had two or more disqualifications for a period of 56 days or more, within the last three years, you will receive a mandatory minimum TWO year disqualification.

Once your disqualification has ended, you will be required to complete an extended re–test before you will be allowed to drive again. You may also receive a community order or imprisonment for a period of up to 2 years.

JMW Solicitors offers a ‘fixed fee’ service designed to assist you in preparing detailed and effective mitigation aimed at persuading the court to exercise leniency when imposing the penalty. Further information regarding ‘fixed fees’ can be found at our Motoring Solicitor Fees page

For most people, a court appearance is alien to them. Some people find standing before the court very difficult and quite daunting. This can sometimes impact on their ability to communicate all of the information and issues they wish to be taken into consideration by the court. Let us do the talking!

With our ‘fixed fee’ service we offer the following:

  • Telephone conference/ personal meeting with your solicitor
  • Representation at the hearing by either a partner or an expert motoring law barrister
  • A full pre – hearing briefing with regards to court procedures and what to expect at court
  • A conference with your legal representative on the morning of the hearing
  • A full post - hearing debriefing (to discuss the penalty imposed, the implications and any further options that may be available to you)

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