Motoring Law: What Our Clients Say

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Motoring Law: What Our Clients Say

Mr. M – Drug Driving – Kirklees Magistrates Court – Case Dismissed & Excess Speed – Liverpool Magistrates Court – Excess Speed- Application for Exceptional Hardship Successful

I came across you highly recommended from a few of my business associates. I have to say that you were exceptional through all my cases. I know I was not the easiest to deal with especially with my lack of administration but it did not phase you in the slightest and you just got on with it, accommodating me at various times through day and night. I am happy I made the decision to choose you above others and watching you in Court was something else. The way you took apart the senior barrister in court for the drug drive matter was great. Even the security guard and usher commented saying that you were the best they had seen. On the Liverpool case it was all about presenting the case which you did at St Georges so well allowed me to walk away with no disqualification.

Mr. L –Stockport Magistrates Court –Excess Alcohol – Minimum Sentence Received

'Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in making a very difficult situation as easy as possible. Charles was also fantastic today and really helped Sam and us through it all with his good humour, and also understanding. We are really happy that you both got the best possible outcome for Sam. Tell him he can park on my drive anytime :-)'

Mr. L – Stockport Magistrates Court Magistrates Court – Drink Driving

Thank you, also, for your invaluable assistance with my sons legal case. Since the incident my son has been a very troubled soul so your positivity and professionalism was a blessing.The Courts’ sentence was, thankfully, lenient; I expected something far worse, so we are very grateful to you for being there to assist our son in navigating a passage through this disconcerting process.

Mrs. B and Mr. B – Crewe Magistrates Court – Excess Alcohol - Guilty Plea – Minimum Sentence

Hojol, We cannot thank you enough as parents for the patience and understanding you have shown our family. We are certainly extremely pleased with the outcome you achieved. All the best.

Mr. G – Cwmbran Magistrates Court – Failing to Give Information – Not Guilty – Charge Withdrawn

I want to thank you very much for your help with everything. I will definitely highly recommend you to anyone else, the way you dealt with the case within the short time frame and with the desired outcome was unbelievable.

Mr M - Driving with Excess Alcohol - York Magistrates Court - Result - Banned from driving and able to continue serving in the army

Thank you for all the details on the court case and I have greatly appreciated your assistance in court.

Mr. R – Manchester Magistrates Court – Multiple Speeding Offences – Exceptional Hardship (Totting Up) – 6 Month Disqualification Avoided

I would highly recommend the service provided by Mr Uddin, to anyone who requires representation for a driving offence. I had gone from a clean licence to accruing five speeding offences in the space of a month at pretty much the same place, and despite trying to get someone to understand the circumstances behind this and how to deal with it I felt there was limited help available.

Mr. C – Cambridge Magistrates Court – Failing to provide a specimen of breath – Custodial Sentence Avoided

I contacted JMW as they are on our insurance firms intranet for help on motoring matters. Following receiving a court summons giving me 3 working days to answer and prepare a defence for charges in relation to failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis and possession of a class A controlled drug, within minutes I was contacted by Mr Uddin who was Highly knowledgeable very informative and understanding of my predicament, he agreed to represent me and worked very unsociable hours over a weekend to assure no time was lost in preparing my case.

Mr. R – Willesden Magistrates Court – Careless Driving, Failing to Stop after accident , Failing to Report, No Insurance and No Licence – Custody and Disqualification Avoided

First of all I would like to say a big thank you for Hojol and his team for the outcome of my sons case. My son got issued to court for 5 driving offences the worst one was failing to stop and report which could lead to a custodial sentence.

Mr. K – Preston Magistrates Court – Failing to identify driver – Case Dismissed

'Thank you for the service you provided. I am happy with the outcome. I will surely recommend your services to my friends.'

Mr. A - Liverpool Magistrates Court – Failing to Provide a specimen for analysis – Mandatory 12 Month Disqualification Avoided

'Once again I would like to thank Hojol for all what he done for me, I was really worried but he made sure everything would be fine. I failed to provide a specimen at the police station. And was told I will get 12 months minimum ban. However, I received 4 months in the end with a lesser charge. I am really happy with the customer service and I would definitely recommend Hojol for any driving offence'.

Ms. F – Manchester and Salford Magistrates Court – Totting Up – 6 month Disqualification Avoided

The service I received from Hojol Uddin, JMW Solicitors LLP, was sensitively handled, highly competent, professional, timely and efficient. The advice, guidance and support was excellent, well communicated and expertly executed.” The result was positive.

Mr. S – Bromley Magistrates Court – No Insurance – Not Guilty Plea – 6 Month Disqualification Avoided and Case Dismissed

What can I say Hojol, you have lived up to your reputation between my circle of friends. I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you very much for the hard work you put in for me for my case. The time and effort you put in really made the difference and I’m very grateful for everything you have done, you went above and beyond for me to win the case and I genuinely believe no one else would of been able to get the result you got. Much appreciated.

Dangerous Driving – Durham – Not Guilty

“I contacted Hoj, and he was down to earth and a good guy to deal with. He was always responsive and he’s never off his phone, always available by phone, text, email or WhatsApp. It was critical I had someone like him on my side, as the Police were unwilling to listen and belittled me. As soon as I had Hoj on board, they immediately realised that there was something to win this case for me. If I did not have him there is no way I would have been successful on this case, as he was always a few steps ahead, to the point the prosecution had no chance but to back track. I kept my licence and I can continue my business all thanks to him.”

Mr. C – Failing to Give Information – Warrington Magistrates Court – Case Withdrawn and replaced with Excess Speed

Thank you Hojol, you came highly recommended to me, and I am really pleased with the result you achieved.

Mr. D – Excess Alcohol – Colchester Magistrates Court – Not Guilty

Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both once more for all of the work and attention to detail you put towards my case. From the onset, I made it clear this was not about a driving ban but to protect my professional reputation, for which I was incredibly concerned. Throughout the entire process you have both been transparent and alleviated stress from me every step of the way. I appreciate you taking such detailed steps to ensure no procedures were compromised and that I was utilizing every legal right I am afforded.
I'm very happy that I made the decision to have you represent me and grateful that you were willing to accept me as a client. Should an occasion arise where I am in a place to assist in any professional capacity for either of you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr M

Thank you so much for your help in getting this charge discontinued; it would have gone very differently without your involvement. Thank you also for being clear, concise and reassuring in your communication at all points during the process. It definitely brought a sense of relief to what had been a stressful episode. I’d be very happy to use JMW’s services again although I hope I won’t have to!

Mr. G – Westminster Magistrates Court – Racial Chanting and Public Order – Not Guilty Plea – Acquittal after trial

Hoj, thank you from all of my family. Having represented my wife in Banbury a number of years earlier, I didn’t think we would have to call you again but I am glad I did. You have been a rock since I contacted you and all those conversations of support you gave me and my family.

Mr. C – Llanelli Magistrates Court – Excess Speed – Disqualification of 6 months for Totting up avoided

Thank you for the good advice and obtaining a great result avoiding a disqualification from driving. I have been telling, my friends and family, how exceptional your representation was from start to finish. Great service and great result.

Failing to Give Information –Manchester Magistrates Court – Case Withdrawn

‘I found Hojol to be very professional, helpful, always got back to me in a timely manner and clearly explained everything to me.

Excess Speed – Warrington – Totting Up Disqualification of 6 months avoided

Hi Hojol
Thank you very much for your help in this matter , very much appreciated and expertly done.
Thank you for also running me back to the office.

Five Speeding Offences – Nottingham - Disqualification of 12 months reduced to 9 months

Hoj, you are the man thank you so much great to see you. I knew you would get the job done. You were right the Magistrates did treat me differently as a footballer and imposed a longer disqualification than they should have. It was an interesting experience of the UK justice system thanks for fighting for me. Stay in touch my friend.

DVLA Prosecution (Uninsured and Unlicensed Vehicle) – Lancaster Magistrates Court - Cases Dismissed

Thank you so much for your speedy response in the late hours. I thought I was going to receive a criminal conviction. Although they were minor offences, I could do without the headache of having to declare them when I’m travelling to the US, Mortgage applications, loans etc. You were able to have the matter resolve swiftly which resulted in the case being dealt with out of court, with no conviction and not having to travel all the way to Lancaster.

Mr. P 105 Miles Per Hour (60mph location) Warrington Magistrates Court Disqualification Avoided

"Thanks for the letter summarising this morning’s court appearance. It concludes this matter in the same professional manner that has been prevalent through this case. It is quite obvious that the outcome would have been very different without your services, and as such I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of such services."

Mr. C Failing to Give Information Manchester Magistrates Court Acquittal and Avoided 6 month Disqualification

Hojol made every effort to make sure he fully understood my situation and the case he was dealing with. I contacted him with only 4 days to go before my Hearing and I was pleasantly surprised that throughout the course of the weekend he was contacting me so to make sure he had everything he needed to take to court.

Mrs H - Manchester Magistrates Court- Failing to Give information and Speeding - Case Dismissed

I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided whilst dealing with my motor offence case.

Mr S - Cardiff Magistrates - Careless Driving - Case Discontinued

As a life long Biker and someone who has been totally in to bikes for the biggest part of my life I should like to share a bad experience with "The Boys in Blue" Allegedly on the 28th May 2017 I overtook an unmarked Police car on double white lines on the Usk road.

Mr. N – Chorley Magistrates Court and Warrington Magistrates Court – Excess Speed and Failing to Give Information(Multiple Cases Including Trials

When I first became aware of my driving issues I approached a company famous for resolving such issues however the price quoted was excessively high. As a result I asked a contact in the legal profession in Manchester who recommended JMW and as a result I met with Hojol.

Miss. H – Leeds Magistrates Court – DVLA Prosecutions – Unlicensed Vehicle

I would like to take the opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude to Hojol for all his help with my case.

Mr. L – Bath Magistrate Court – Trial – Failing to Give Information - Case withdrawn

Hoj, Thank you so much for the representation in my case. You did exactly what you said you would do for me but made it clear that there were no guarantees. You went above and beyond representation at short notice and I thank you for this. I know where to come next time when I am in a spot of bother.

Mr. H – Cardiff Magistrates Court – Trial – Drink Driving - Case Dismissed

Thank you for Hojol Uddin

Mr. K - Managing Director - Bradford Magistrates Court - Failing to Give Information and Speeding x 2

Motoring offences are a difficult and confusing area of law, and with so much conflicting information on the internet from so-called experts, it was a great relief to get clear, concise and expert advice from Hojol.

Mr PT, DVLA Medical Revocation - Licence Returned

"I have dealt with Hojol Uddin now over a period of 3/4 years and found him extraordinarily helpful with advice on the telephone and face to face with consultations...

Using Mobile Phone Whilst Driving - Bromley Magistrates Court - Case Dismissed

Professionalism and determination was used throughout my case, thanks to Hojol Uddin! I cannot praise or thank you enough.

Drug Driving - North Cheshire Magistrates Court

I was in the education sector, and facing such charges would mean the end of my career due to the likelihood of a custodial sentence. Hojol has been an excellent Solicitor throughout.

Avoiding Disqualification - Manchester Magistrates Court - 12 points and Exceptional Hardship

I must admit when I was first called to court I thought I would be able to defend myself without the need of help from a solicitor. However on taking advice from my daughter who works in the legal field I was advised it would be very difficult to proceed alone and she recommend your services as being recognised as one of the best in this area of law.

Staffordshire Magistrates Court Speeding - Trial Disqualification Avoided.

"I was facing 3 counts of exceeding the speed limit, each due to the same speed camera, within a 1 week period...

Lincoln Magistrates Court Failing to Give Information and Speeding - Disqualification avoided

'I was being prosecuted for two offences, A. For failing to give information and B. Exceeding the speed limit. I procrastinated on dealing with the matter and went into panic mode on the eleventh hour...

Miss. PK HR Manager - Stratford Magistrates Court Failing to identify the driver Case Dismissed Costs Order Granted

"I had come to find that I was incorrectly being prosecuted for failing to provide driver information. Upon receiving this information I naturally panicked. I was provided with Hojol’s details....

Warrington Magistrates Court Excess Speed Avoided Totting up Disqualification

"As soon as I had contacted JMW, having gathered a few too many points on my licence, I felt that I had the right people on my side...

Mr. S Leeds Magistrates Court Drink Driving Case Dismissed

"I came across Hojol through an article I read. Also my partners father a former officer suggested I contact a Solicitor. Hojol was very helpful, which I found refreshing...

I was stopped by the Police after I was caught driving whilst using my mobile phone.

They ran some checks on my car and it transpired that the MOT had lapsed. The Police informed me that as I had no MOT, my insurance was invalid. I was therefore faced with the prospect of receiving 6-8 penalty points on my licence for having no insurance as well as separate penalties for using my mobile phone and having no MOT.

Sam's professional advice was clear and supportive throughout the process'.

'Sam [Healey]'s professional advice was clear and supportive throughout the process. He guided me through a variety of areas in an unusual case keeping me well informed at all times. The result was as he predicted a positive one and for this I cannot thank him enough'.

Such a comfort to be looked after so well!

I was very contented with the company. Such a comfort to be looked after so well!

Failure to provide information, Weymouth Magistrates Court

I appeared before Weymouth Magistrates Court for an offence of failing to give information and exceeding the speed limit. The process with the courts and our communication between Hojol was quick and to the point. Thanks for your all your help.

Profession, Calm and Very Reassuring

I am a director of several companies and rely heavily on my driving licence. I was stopped by the police on the M6 for speeding at over 100mph. I was faced with the prospect of a lengthy driving disqualification, which was of great concern to me. JMW came highly recommended and did not disappoint. I was unable to attend court as I had an urgent meeting in Gloucestershire and my case was being heard in Carlisle! My solicitor managed to deal with the hearing in my absence and convinced the court not to disqualify me and instead give me points.

Thank you Peter!

Thank you so much for your help and support over the last couple of weeks. The result you achieved for me was much better than we expected and now my wife and I can move on with our lives and do everything that we had planned to do before this happened.

Your service is excellent. Thank you.

Keep up the good work and thank you for your help. I will do my best not to get into any more trouble. I don't know if that's what you wanted to hear or not!

Speeding, Chorley Magistrates Court

Just a note to thank you for defending my driving case for speeding and not stopping for a police officer on the motorway. I thought I was heading for a definite ban.

I contacted JMW Solicitors for assistance and I am so glad.

I was horrified to open my mail to find a Fixed Penalty Notice for speeding. I didn't think I was going too fast but must have been, as for a moment I thought the notice was addressed to "Dear Lewis Hamilton"!

I would not hesitate to recommend JMW should anyone need help dealing with a motoring offence.

I was contacted by the Police after they had conducted checks on the car being driven by my son and discovered that the MOT and the tax on the car had lapsed. They told me that as the car was registered in my name, I was responsible and therefore I would receive 6 points on my licence; 3 points for each offence.