Notice of Intended Prosecution - Postal Problems?

Most, if not all, NIP’s are sent by first class post. The postal service in the UK can sometimes be unreliable, particularly if you live in a rural area or during periods of bad weather. For some, the first time they hear about an alleged motoring offence is when the court summons is posted through their letterbox.

It is not unheard of for NIP’s to go astray, whether it is due to a problem with the postal system in your area or a problem with the actual posting of the NIP. Some people do not even receive a court summons and are often confronted by a bailiff at their front door step seeking recovery of a fine imposed by the court in their absence, or at worst, a police officer with a warrant for their arrest.

If you did not receive an NIP and you are now faced with an appearance at court, get in touch. It is likely that you will have a defence. We have experience in dealing with all of types of scenarios relating to the non – receipt of NIP’s or court documents. You may try to rectify this situation on your own. We have often found that things are not that straightforward!

If you did not receive the NIP due to a failure to update your address details with the DVLA this will not be a defence.

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