Case Study: Cut Foot After Stepping on Broken Glass by the Swimming Pool on a Cruise Ship

Secured £5,900 in compensation for cut foot.

The Case

Mr Harrow cut his foot on a piece of broken glass by the swimming pool during a cruise holiday. The injury left him unable to walk, which persisted when he returned home. After a trip to the doctor, he found out that glass had damaged some of the nerves in his foot.

He was unable to work for a couple of months, preventing him from generating an income. This is when he sought the services of JMW’s personal injury team.

The Claim

The claim was taken care of by a JMW team member specialising in holiday accidents. The solicitor handled every aspect of the claims process and organising a visit to an independent medical expert who could confirm that Mr Harrow’s foot had sustained injuries from broken glass.

After several months of negotiations with the holiday company, they finally accepted liability for the broken glass and Mr Harrow’s subsequent injuries. In total, he was awarded £5,900, which included £2,700 for the foot injury and £3,200 for loss of earnings.

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