Amazon warehouse shifts allegedly turns 21-year-old worker 'middle-aged' as he's hit with crippling back pain after just two weeks


TWENTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD Rhys Owen landed a temporary Christmas job in a warehouse at internet giant Amazon and suffered agonising back pain that made him ‘middle-aged’ before his time.

And now the formerly fit football fanatic, who played twice a week, is suing the American  company and his solicitors warn that scores of workers taken on by Amazon could be left with a legacy of pain following tortuous 11-and-a-half hour shifts on the warehouse floor.

Six foot one inch tall Rhys, from Bedford, worked at Amazon’s sprawling Milton Keynes base with hundreds of other temporary workers recruited to deal with the Christmas rush - the company has hired 15,000 temps nationwide with 800 expected to be kept on in permanent employment after the festive season.

Read the full article here on the Daily Mail website (external link) and click here to read it in the Daily Star Sunday.

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