Planning a trip to the USA is an exciting time. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure purposes, a city break or a lengthy road trip, you are likely to have a long list of considerations to run through before booking your trip. 

One of the biggest concerns for any UK traveller who is planning a trip to the USA is medical care. Even those people with no health conditions are still at risk of suffering an illness or injury while abroad, which means - although unlikely - they may need to seek medical treatment. 

The US healthcare system is completely different to that of the UK, and is private rather than public, so knowing where to start when looking for medical assistance can be difficult. Here, we explain what you need to know when it comes to seeking medical care following an accident in the USA. 

Emergency Treatment

If you require emergency medical assistance during your trip to the US, you should call 911 and ask for an ambulance. You should also immediately contact your insurance company if you have been taken to a medical facility for treatment for your injury or illness. 

No special arrangements are made for British visitors, which means medical treatment in the US can be extremely expensive. For this reason, it is vital that you have adequate cover for health insurance under your travel insurance policy to cover the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation. You should secure these before you travel to ensure you are prepared in the event of an emergency. 

In most cases, your care will be covered by your insurance, but you will need to check the details to ensure you are actually covered for any specific treatment you need. Different travel insurance will provide different levels of cover, so it is better to ensure that you have a good policy in place to prepare for all eventualities. 

Hospital Care 

If you are being treated in a hospital, there is a chance you could be asked to pay a deposit or a “good faith” payment. Any requests for this payment should be directed to your travel insurance provider and you should only pay the hospital yourself if you are advised to do so by your provider. The standard of care you receive will not be affected once your claim is being processed. 

High-risk Activities

If you are planning on partaking in outdoor pursuits or activities that could potentially be classed as high risk, then you may find it more difficult to secure insurance before your holiday. This includes activities such as: 

  • Scuba diving
  • Jet skiing 
  • Snowboarding 
  • Skiing 
  • Canoeing 

You should always ensure that your insurance policy provides protection for any activities you will be taking part in. If you find that you are not covered, you should take out a different insurance policy, even if it costs more, before undertaking any dangerous activities. 

Using a specialist broker or a price comparison website can help you to find the best travel insurance policies for travelling to the US. Make sure you plan some time well in advance of your trip to find a deal that suits your requirements, and aim to get coverage for any activities you might participate in while on holiday, even if you are not certain that you will. 

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