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Miss H – Road traffic accident, case settled for £2,989.68


Miss H was involved in a car accident, where another driver reversed into her car at a car park, causing her whiplash-type injuries, bad headaches and travel anxiety.  She contacted us after her solicitor told her she would have to take 50% of the responsibility for her accident, and so she would only receive 50% of her total compensation.  She didn’t think this was fair.  Michelle Arathoon, one of our road traffic accident specialists, spoke to Miss H and agreed to take her case on. 

After reviewing Miss H’s file, Michelle felt that Miss H’s old solicitors had undervalued the case.  They had also failed to get full evidence of Miss H’s financial losses.  Michelle got all of this information and presented comprehensive documentation supporting Miss H’s claim to the defendant. 

After Michelle’s input, the defendant’s representatives accepted responsibility for Miss H’s accident and agreed to pay all of the costs she had incurred as a result of the accident, in full.  Michelle also negotiated an offer of £2,000 in respect of Miss H’s injuries, which again, the defendant paid in full. 

Miss H was delighted with the result and was happy that we had been able to check her claim and secure her a much better result than she had been led to believe was possible.  As a result of our involvement, Miss H received more than double the amount of compensation recommended by her previous solicitor.    


Miss C – Fall from unsuitable ladders in the workplace, case settled for £10,000

Miss C wanted to make a claim against her employer after falling from a ladder at her workplace, causing her to suffer a bump and bruising to the head, and pain and stiffness in her lower back.  She had also injured her right knee, which caused her ongoing trouble after her accident.  Miss C initially got in touch with another firm of solicitors and explained about what had happened to her.  After some investigation, that firm of solicitors decided that Miss C didn’t stand a good chance of succeeding in her claim, as the firm of solicitors representing Miss C’s workplace denied responsibility for Miss C’s accident. 

Understandably Miss C was disappointed, and she got in touch with JMW as a result of a recommendation from one of our former clients.  She dealt with Wendy Ludlam, Litigation Executive.  Wendy took some details from Miss C, and got Miss C’s existing file transferred to her.  Miss C’s employers claimed that she had used the wrong ladder in the warehouse, and that her training made her aware of the right ladders to use in any given situation.  Miss C disputed this, because the training she’d been given wasn’t relevant to her position, and the ladder she had been using was standard in the company. 

Wendy pursued the case on Miss C’s behalf.  Eventually, her employer’s solicitors agreed to settle Miss C’s case.  After negotiation, Wendy was able to get them to make an offer of £10,000 to settle Miss C’s case – a sum Miss C was delighted with, having previously been told she wouldn’t succeed in her claim. 


Mrs R – Struck on the head by a golf ball, case settled for £20,000

Mrs R was walking along a public footpath when she was struck on the head by a stray golf ball from a nearby golf club, which had failed to provide adequate fencing for the area of the course beside the footpath.  It gave Mrs R a lump on the head and caused her to suffer migraines. 

Mrs R’s previous solicitor attempted to make a claim against the golfer who struck the ball, and when the golfer’s insurer denied responsibility for the accident, the solicitor closed the file.  Mrs R, rightly, didn’t think this was fair.  She was put in touch with JMW Solicitors where Jason Harwood, Partner, handled her claim.  He felt that the golf club themselves, were the at-fault party, and quickly pursued them. However, they also denied responsibility for the accident, despite there being evidence that the fencing around the area was not high enough to prevent stray balls from going over the boundary of the golf club. 

Because of the length of time it had taken for Mrs R’s previous solicitor not to act for her, Jason swiftly had to issue court proceedings on Mrs R’s behalf.  Jason put together compelling evidence to support Mrs R’s case, including an independent medical report highlighting that Mrs R, who suffers from epilepsy, was facing an increased risk of seizure as a result of the accident.  He also established that Mrs R had suffered considerable loss of earnings, as she had been forced to retire earlier than she had anticipated, as a result of the migraines she suffered due to the accident. 

Although the original estimate was that Mrs R’s case was worth in the region of £3,000, Jason was able secure Mrs R £20,000 – a 600% increase.  Mrs R was delighted with the result, and relieved that we had been able to check her claim and secure her £20,000 after she had faced the possibility of receiving no compensation whatsoever.  


Mr E – bilateral pleural thickening, case settled for £400,000

Mr E was exposed to asbestos through former employment at a shipyard.  Unfortunately, he later contracted an asbestos-related disease, bilateral pleural thickening.  Mr E sought advice through an asbestos helpline, who then directed him to a firm of solicitors claiming they were asbestos specialists.  They reviewed Mr E’s case and did not think he had a chance of making a successful claim.  Mr E was down-heartened, but then came across our contact details.  He got in touch with us and Andrew Lilley, Partner and head of our industrial disease team, looked into his case. 

Andrew disagreed with the firm that rejected Mr E’s case and advised Mr E that he had a good case against his former employers at the shipyard.  Andrew started work on the case, and immediately obtained for Mr E a £50,000 interim payment from the defendant.  This was a great help to Mr E, who had been so ill that he had been unable to work for the past three years. 

In order to protect the claim, Andrew had to issue Court proceedings on Mr E’s case in the Fast Track Asbestos Diseases Court in the Royal Court of Justice, as the process of being rejected by one solicitor, and then finding another, had eaten into the valuable time Mr E required in order to make a claim. 

After extensive work on Mr E’s case, undertaking research and compiling documentary evidence to support his claim, Andrew entered into a negotiation process with the defendant’s representatives on Mr E’s behalf.  After Andrew advised the client to reject several offers, the defendant’s representatives made an offer of £400,000 to settle Mr E’s case, and we recommended acceptance.  Mr E accepted the offer and was very grateful with the hard work that Andrew and the JMW team had put into his case.  He commented:

“Obviously, I am delighted with what the team at JMW Solicitors have been able to do for me and their hard work on my case.  The settlement they have been able to secure for me has brought me peace of mind and is going to help me with living the rest of my life... I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others in my situation who wish to make a claim for compensation”


Mrs P – catastrophic head injuries due to a road traffic accident.  Case settled for £3.75m

Mrs P was crossing the road when she was knocked over by a driver, causing her a severe brain injury.  Her husband, Mr V, decided to pursue a claim on her behalf.  He initially approached a firm of solicitors local to him.  However, after dealing with them, he saw they lacked the experience and expertise needed to deal with his claim.  A friend recommended the team at JMW Solicitors and Mr V got in touch with us.  Chris Sutton, Partner, initially spoke with Mr V, visiting him at home in order to gain a detailed understanding of the case. 

A thorough review by Chris, and Andrew Lilley, Partner, ensured that this catastrophic accident case received the best service possible.  Sadly, Mrs P’s brain injury left her confined to a wheelchair, unable to express herself, understand or process information, bladder and bowel incontinent and in requirement of round-the-clock care.    

It was vital that the right care package was put in place to meet Mrs P’s needs, and that we secure her a compensation award that would support her for the rest of her life.  The driver that caused Mrs P’s accident was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. However, the Court acquitted the driver on the basis that Mrs P’s position on the road had been obscured by headlight glare. 

This meant that the solicitor working on behalf of the driver heavily defended the case.  Andrew compiled a strong dossier of evidence on Mrs P’s behalf involving witness evidence, a team of leading care and medical experts, an accident reconstruction expert and an expert in emergency medicine.  Court proceedings were issued on the case, eventually leading to a meeting arranged with a view to settling the case.  We were able to reach an agreed sum of £3.75m for Mr and Mrs P, and whilst a compensation award can never restore her to her former health, Mr V and his family are very grateful for the approach JMW took on Mrs P’s case, and our determination to ensure Mrs P’s future was adequately provided for. 

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