The sorts of claim we handle

Our team of solicitors has experience ranging across the entire spectrum of Personal Injury law. We are very fortunate that our solicitors as a whole have both a breadth and depth of experience to draw on, as this enables us to offer specialist advice to any individuals who have suffered an injury as the result of an accident that wasn’t their fault.

Our most common areas of work include:

Road traffic accidents:

JMW’s Personal Injury department can trace its roots back to dealing with road traffic accident claims. All of our Partners have handled road traffic accident claims, ranging from minor whiplash cases to severe and catastrophic claims that have had life-changing effects on the injured party, and they have passed this knowledge on to the rest of the team. We also have senior team members who specialise in motorbike claims and cycling claims, ensuring that we provide the best service possible to these more unique claims.

The most recent editions of independent legal guides, Chambers and Partners and the Legal 500, both highlight that we are noted for our strength in dealing with road traffic accident claims, including those where there have been catastrophic injuries.

Accidents at work:

Our team has dealt with a huge array of individuals making a claim as a result of an accident at work. These cases can be very tricky to handle, but having had experience of every sort of injury from back and lifting injuries to loss of limbs, burns, trips, falls and so on, our team is in an excellent position to provide you with advice on your claim - especially if you want a no obligation second opinion on an accident at work case that you feel is being mishandled in some way by your current firm of solicitors.

Trips, slips and falls:

It can be very distressing to trip, slip or fall over in a public place and deal with the fallout the injuries may have caused you. JMW’s team has worked with many individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of a trip, slip or fall, whether this has been as a result of a slippery substance on the floor of a supermarket or other retail premises, a pothole or dodgy paving flag, or a an obstacle that is somewhere it shouldn’t be. Tenaciousness and hard work are key to securing the best settlements in these cases, and our team has a breadth of experience with trips, slips and falls of all varieties.

Industrial disease:

We recognise the need to have a bespoke service for those individuals suffering from an illness or disease caused by their working life. This service needs to be delivered by people who understand the intricacies of this type of personal injury. JMW has a specialist Industrial Disease team that works within the main Personal Injury team, led by partner Andrew Lilley, who has been recognised in legal publications for his work in the field of asbestos-related disease. One former client said of him: “His commitment is second to none, what he has done is made someone’s life better through his hard work”, whilst a leading QC who has worked with him on asbestos litigation matters said of him: “Andrew is unfazed by anything and everything and is equal to it all.”

The team also has a strong background in claims related to injuries caused working with vibrating machinery and in noisy environments, such as Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Vibration White Finger.

Catastrophic injuries:

Sadly, some accidents are so severe that the injuries caused are catastrophic to the injured party. These injuries; head and brain injuries, extensive orthopaedic injuries and rare physical conditions, need a specialist pair of hands to make sure that the injured party gets the right amount of compensation. Our team has had the experience of handling catastrophic injury cases ranging from head and brain trauma, to extreme physical injury and life-limiting diseases. These cases are always handled at Partner level, and placed with a Partner who has the appropriate experience to get these clients the compensation they deserve.

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