Holiday Accident Case Studies

  • Soft Tissue Injuries to Back, Shoulder and Leg Following Accident Disembarking a Plane - £3,900

    Mrs J was awarded £3,900

    Mrs J was returning from a foreign holiday and, as she had difficulty walking, had requested assistance when getting on and off the aeroplane. On arriving at the airport, she was not assisted disembarking from the plane. She stumbled part-way down the stairs, jarring her back and shoulder, and hurting her leg.

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  • Wrist Injury After Slip on Wet Stairs in a Hotel in Turkey - £23,000

    Mr S was awarded £23,000

    Mr S was on a package holiday in Turkey with his family when he slipped and fell down stairs. Mr S fractured a bone in his wrist and damaged the cartilage, and decided to make a claim. He was put in touch with JMW Solicitors where our dedicated holiday team handled his claim.

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  • Slip in a Hotel Bathroom - £22,000

    Mrs M was awarded £22,000

    Mrs M was on a package holiday and slipped over on a hotel bathroom due to a defective shower head fixture leaking water on the bathroom floor, making it wet and slippery. Mrs M injured her left arm as a result of the fall and decided to make a claim.

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