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Michael: Hello, my name is Michael Walker and on behalf of JMW’s new holiday team, I’d like to welcome you to the first in a series of videos we’ve put together to give you more information about accidents on holiday.  
Let me introduce the rest of the team.  
Jemma: I'm Jemma Goldstone.  
Raana: And I'm Raana Afsarpour.  
Raana: Now, we know that nobody plans to go on holiday thinking that they may be involved in an accident, but if the worst happens and you or a loved one does get injured during your break, it’s important to be able to find out more information about what to do, and what your rights are.    
Jemma: That’s why we’re putting together several videos that will provide you with a guide for what to do if you or someone you know has suffered an injury whilst abroad, enjoying a holiday.  
Michael: Over the coming videos, we’ll take a look at common types of accidents that happen abroad, what things might be best avoided to avoid an injury, and what to do if you have been injured.  
Raana: We’ll also help you understand what the process of making a claim involves and how you can make a claim for an injury that’s happened as the result of being on holiday.  
Jemma: The laws governing accidents abroad are not always straightforward, which is why it’s important to consult a good solicitor, if you’re considering making a claim.  
As the team at JMW Solicitors that deals with accidents that have happened abroad, we have the experience to help you make a holiday claim, and we’ll make things as straightforward for you as we possibly can!
Michael: But before we go any further, we want to be able to give you a bit of information about the sorts of cases we’re able to help you with, if you’ve suffered an accident.  
Jemma: There are a range of situations where, if you’ve found yourself involved in an accident abroad, we’ll be able to help you.  For example, if you’ve been on a package holiday, you can make a claim if you’ve had an accident in the hotel complex, such as tripping, slipping or falling over loose paving or spilled water.  You can also make a claim if you’ve had an accident owing to a fault in your hotel room.  
Raana: We also deal with a lot of food poisoning claims; where people have been unwell thanks to food or drink eaten on their holidays, as part of an all inclusive package.  
Michael: You can also make a claim if you’ve had a car accident abroad, or if your accident has taken place on the plane or cruise boat on your way to or from your destination.  
Jemma: There are two key things to remember; first, gather as much evidence as possible in relation to your accident.  Second, try to notify a lawyer as soon as possible when you know you’d like to make a claim.  
Michael: It’s important to do this because the timeframe around making a claim as the result of an accident abroad can vary from country to country, so it’s best to get cracking as soon as possible.  
Raana: Do get in touch with one of us if you’d like to make a claim, or have a question about the circumstances you’ve found yourself in.  We will do our best to answer any questions you might have, and take care of any concerns you’ve got about making a claim.  
Michael: You can call us, on 0800 054 6570.  
Jemma: You can log on to our website;  
Raana: Or you can get in touch via social media.  We're on Twitter and Facebook.  
Everyone: Thank you for watching!  

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