Daniel Brien

Job Title: Marketing Executive

Location: Manchester

Personal Injury

Daniel works in the Personal Injury department’s marketing team at JMW Solicitors as a Digital Marketing Executive. He had a 7 year stint with JMW from 2007-2014 working initially as a Consultant in the New Business Team, before becoming a Supervisor. He left JMW in October 2014 to pursue his dream of seeing the world and after seeing most of what Southeast Asia, Australia and America had to offer, he returned to JMW in September 2015. After a short time back with the New Business Team, he was moved into the Marketing team, under the wing of Communications Coordinator Danielle Gibson, to act as the departments Digital Marketing Executive.

His role includes tasks such as daily maintenance of many of the department's Facebook and Twitter accounts and, due to his previous role in the New Business Team, is able to offer immediate, expert client support over these functions. He also carries out blog writing, website development, creating and implementing digital advert campaigns, event support and other general marketing duties.

Outside work Daniel likes to take part in as much sport as possible. He regularly goes to the gym and has a whole concoction of gym supplements hiding away under his desk! After his year of adventure he has definitely caught the travelling bug and would love to explore South America.

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW after I had completed my education. When I joined, JMW was a smaller firm than it is now, but always had the potential to grow. This potential is now being realised and I am excited to be part of this.

Who would you...

Share a pint with:

I’ll have to cheat a little here; I’d have half a pint with Sir Alex Ferguson and the other half I’d share with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Sir Alex because what he has achieved with my club, Manchester United, is nothing short of phenomenal, and Zlatan because he’s such a character in the game I think he’d be cracking company over a beer.

Have cook for you:

Michelle Keegan. Who cares what the food tastes like?

Stay in with:

It’s a tough one but I’ll say Tom Stade. If you haven’t heard of him, Google him, he’s a brilliant comedian. It would be the funniest night of my life.

JMW Is...

J ust

M arketing 

W hizzes

In my first stint at the firm, JMW to me meant “Journey Most Welcome”.  Although the journey is still very welcome, I’d like to think the new one above reflects the skill sets of the marketing team at JMW!

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