Danielle Gibson

Job Title: Associate

Location: Manchester

Personal Injury

Danielle is an Associate who works in JMW’s Personal Injury team as its specialist Communications Coordinator. She has been with the firm since August 2011 and has spent her time getting wired into the Personal Injury team, liaising with everyone in the 50+ strong department to, amongst other things, compile case studies, pursue positive press stories and raise the team's online profile. Danielle handles every aspect of the department’s Communication requirements, from creating copy and working with the media to organising numerous events in aid of the firm's charitable partners, including several black tie dinners, with 2016's Glitter Ball Dance Off in aid of Headway Preston and Chorley being a recent highlight. She has also been behind the firm's support of national charity, the Child Brain Injury Trust and has overseen the fundraising of over £50,000 in support of this wonderful cause.

When not at work, she can be found doing anything from trying to organise her friends' events to quietly sitting in a corner reading a book, watching F1 or visiting friends and family at home in her native Newcastle. Occasionally, she likes to take a holiday too.

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW because of its warm and friendly atmosphere, which I believe permeates out into the cases it handles. I know a lot of clients feel the same way and I’m keen to help promote JMW as the #1 law firm for Personal Injury!

Key Achievements

  • Establishing a teen CSR enterprise programme for an architectural firm I used to work for in Newcastle, alongside Young Enterprise North East.
  • Building the JMW PI team's online presence, including creation of the Twisted Spokes dedicated cycling sub-site.
  • Successful delivery of the JMW Comedy Dinner in aid of the Child Brain Injury Trust, raising over £20,000 for a fantastic cause.
  • Blanket press coverage for several key JMW clients, which can be read via our press cuttings section.

Who would you...

Share a pint with:
Tom Hiddleston...although I'd probably opt for a chilled glass of white wine.

Have cook for you:
I’d have Aussie chef Bill Granger cook me one of his relaxed dinners that he does so well. He is absolutely my favourite chef – so laid back and friendly, and his food is excellent!

Stay in with:
I’d spend a couple of separate nights in with my Mum, my Grandparents and my best friend Tracy. I don’t get to see any of them enough and nights in with them tend to involve copious amounts of alcohol and good food!

JMW Is...


Make It


Whether ‘it’ is a challenging case for a client, a clear career path or a new deal, JMW just makes it work, for its clients and for its staff.

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