Ian Sangan

Job Title: New Business Supervisor

Location: Manchester

New Business Unit

Ian works with the New Business Unit at JMW as a New Business Supervisor. He has been with the firm since November 2008, when he was employed to supervise the firm’s credit hire company, Wheels At Once. He has spent his time with this new company, building up procedures to deal with the new business and facilitate growth in this firm. Ian has worked hard to ensure that the business has seen growth. Ian also assists the New Business Unit as a whole, working alongside New Business Unit supervisor, Lee McGovern.

When not at work, Ian is at home with his family, spending time with his wife and children. When he has time to himself, Ian enjoys reading and gaming.

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW as there was an opportunity to work with my previous manager and continue the strong working relationship we had built up. I was also aware that JMW had a friendly and warm atmosphere and I was keen to be a part of that. I also had the chance to bring my considerable experience in at the ‘ground level’ and build a business around this. To sum it up, this opportunity was too good to miss!


  • Claims Assessment
  • Claims Capture
  • Supervision
  • Small Claims

Who would you... most like to share a pint with/have cook for you/spend a night in with

Share a pint with:

I would love to go for a pint with Simon Pegg, his comedy geekiness is right up my street.

Have cook for you:

I would be happy to have any French chef cook a meal for me, as I think French food is exceptional.

Spend a night in with:

I would always spend the night in with my wife or best friend who loves video games.

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