Lis Smith

Job Title: Paralegal

Location: Manchester

Personal Injury

Lis started JMW in November 2002 and has worked within the Personal Injury department for the past decade. Lis can both undertake paralegal work and run cases on behalf of clients, having chosen to undertake the former after recently returned to work from maternity leave.

Why did you join JMW?

I previously worked for a large claims company and I wanted to join a firm that was not just about figures and targets, and treated clients as people rather than another number on the board.

Who would you...

Share a pint with:
Sir David Attenborough as I find him extremely fascinating. I would love to hear all his stories first hand.

Have cook for you:
Nigella Lawson, on the condition that she made the girdle buster pie for dessert.

Stay in with:
My entire family. My family live in different parts of the country so it is rare that we are all together. 

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