Mike Bloor

Job Title: Associate

Location: Manchester

New Business Unit

When not at work, Mike is at home with his family, spending time with his partner and kids.

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW as I needed a change in career path after spending several years working within the finance industry, and have not regretted the move for one minute. The pleasant atmosphere and the friendliness of all the staff within the department was apparent from day one. The continued growth of the Personal Injury department and the expansion of the New Business Unit into other areas of the firm has given me the opportunity to develop a new and exciting career path.

It’s the jovial atmosphere within the department that makes for a winning recipe for both staff and clients alike. JMW has helped me develop new skills and with continued growth, there are exciting times ahead.

Since joining JMW, I’ve been able to learn and grow, developing new areas of expertise and specialising in areas like social media. It’s been a great journey so far and I’m happy to take it further.

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Who would you...

Share a pint with:

I would like to share a pint with Eric Cantona, quite possibly one of the most intriguing characters and finest footballers to have played at the Theatre of Dreams. Perhaps Alex Ferguson would join us...partly to ensure Eric was well behaved!

Have cook for you:

Nigella Lawson...who wouldn't?!

Stay in with:

The Manchester United squad after successfully securing the Premiership title this coming May...the drinks would most certainly be on them though!

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