Natalie Clarke

Job Title: Solicitor

Location: Manchester

Personal Injury

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in June 2012 having achieved a first in Law. I then went on to complete my legal practice course before undertaking a training contract at a niche Liverpool practice where I joined the Catastrophic Injuries team and assisted the department on heavyweight catastrophic cases. I qualified in January 2016 and immediately took up a position as an assistant solicitor, joining JMW in July 2016 as part of the Catastrophic Injury team.

When I am not at work I enjoy attending the gym and socialising with friends. A particular passion of mine is travelling to far away places some of which include; Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai, Riviera Maya, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Havana. My favourite place so far has to be Kenya where I spent 3 months teaching English prior to commencing my training contract.

Why did you join JMW?

I joined JMW on the basis that it is a forward thinking firm, that prides itself on ensuring clients receive the best possible settlements whilst getting the best possible service.

JMW Is...

J ustice

M eticulous

W inning

Who would you...

Share a pint with:

Jack Whitehall - I think he is hilarious.  

Have cook for you:

Mary Berry - everybody loves cake! 

Stay in with:

David Attenborough – he can tell me stories about all the places he’s visited and give me some tips for my next holiday. 

Notable cases

  • I assisted in the case of JW. J was involved in a road traffic accident whereby the driver of the vehicle he was in lost control of the car and hit a tree. J was left with a serious brain injury. The Defendants raised excluded liability as the driver of the vehicle was not insured to drive and it was their suggestion that our client was aware of this. I obtained witness evidence from J’s friends, family and the officers that attended the scene to help disprove that J was aware of the Defendant’s driving entitlements. Eventually the other side agreed to a JSM and J was awarded £175,000.
  • I am currently running the case of AT. A was involved in a motorcycle accident where he collided head on with a vehicle that pulled from a side road. As a result of the accident A sustained serious orthopaedic injuries including a fracture of the scaphoid, ankle and multiple fractures to his foot. An immediate needs assessment was conducted at my request, meaning that A’s rehabilitation could begin as soon as possible. I obtained an admission of liability from the other side and am currently working with various medical experts to not only ensure that I have the medical evidence to support A’s claim when it comes to settlement, but also that A receives all the treatment he requires to make a recovery. A is expected to recover compensation in excess of £30,000.
  • I am currently assisting in the case of MA. M was involved in a road traffic accident as a passenger in his friend's vehicle. They were travelling home when a third party travelling in the opposite direction lost control of the car and collided with theirs. M sustained a c6 transverse fracture, a c5/6 subluxation, a punctured lung and fractured ribs. M spent a total of 31 days in hospital and upon discharge was fitted with a neck brace. He was only able to walk approximately 100m without suffering extreme pain, and was suffering from neurological difficulties in his arms and hands meaning he struggled to carry out basic day to day tasks. We obtained an interim payment from the defendant insurer to assist M, who hasn't been able to return to work and risked losing his property as he was unable to pay the mortgage. We were then advised that the defendant insurers were raising contributory negligence, alleging that M was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the accident. We undertook extensive work to disprove this allegation, ultimately securing a witness statement confirming M was wearing his seatbelt, as the witness needed to unclip the belt to help him get out of the car. As a result of our investigations the Defendant accepted liability in full.

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