Dad suffers brain injury after being attacked by drunken teenager 

A 53-year old father from Wigan was viciously attacked by drunken 16-year old while on holiday in Menorca, suffering brain injuries that destroyed his career as a HGV driver and left him battling health issues - yet TUI has stonewalled the couple since their return home to the UK.

Barron Brooks had travelled with his family to the all-inclusive Mediterrani Hotel resort in Cala Blanca, Menorca. The family had spent two days together at the resort before Barron was attacked after returning from an afternoon visiting local shops.

He was assaulted from behind in an unprovoked attack by the intoxicated youngster, also a guest at the hotel, who inflicted a huge laceration on the back of Barron’s head - witnessed by his shocked wife and son, and other hotel guests.

While the attacker was taken to the local police station for questioning, no charges were brought. Despite the brutal assault, TUI reps then asked the family for permission to allow Barron’s attacker to remain at the hotel.

Despite being a minor, Barron’s attacker had been wearing a blue adult ‘all inclusive’ wristband and had been allowed to consume excessive alcohol. His loutish and raucous behavior had drawn attention of fellow guests during the day, who complained prior to the attack. Staff did not step in and the day culminated in a vicious assault.

On returning to the UK, still in pain and suffering headaches and fatigue, Barron attended his local hospital before being transferred to Salford Royal Hospital. He had suffered a serious brain injury that required neurosurgical intervention, the full extent of which is still to be determined 15 months’ later.

More than a year on from the attack, TUI has failed to respond to the family or offer an apology, while Barron remains under the outpatient department of the hospital and relying on assistance from friends and family.

Barron’s wife, Yvette, said: “Our lives changed forever the day Barron was attacked - of all the things you expect from a holiday, we never imagined something like this would happen. Since we arrived back in the UK, I’ve tried to get a response from TUI but they’ve brushed us off every time. I’ve been down to the TUI store in Horwich in person, and I’ve made countless phone calls, but they just don’t want to know.

“We need help, but there’s just no accountability - no charges have been brought against the person who attacked Barron despite the injuries he has been left with, and TUI haven’t bothered to respond at all. I think they’re just hoping we’ll give up and go away. Barron has been a HGV driver his entire working life but after the attack he can’t to do that anymore - it’s just heartbreaking.”

Joanne Brine, Partner at JMW Solicitors, is representing Barron.

Joanne said: “Despite the severity of Barron’s injuries, TUI have offered no response whatsoever. Sadly, that’s becoming more and more common - we’re routinely seeing TUI failing to respond to established deadlines, even in cases like this where people have suffered real, lasting harm.

“The assailant should never have been permitted to drink alcohol, and the allocation of wrist bands should have been monitored appropriately by hotel staff. If the staff had only acted on other guests’ complaints earlier in the day, this horrendous attack would likely not have happened. 

“TUI must be able to guarantee the safety of their guests - cases like this certainly won’t give holidaymakers confidence.”

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