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JMW's personal injury team provides insights on the latest developments and proceedings in this area of law with informative and easy-to-understand articles.

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Find out the number of cycling accidents in Manchester using JMW’s interactive map.

JMW’s Personal Injury team provides advice on finding sports and activities for people with a brain injury.

After making a certain level of recovery from a brain injury, you may feel that you are ready to return to work. Read our employment advice for brain injury patients, including returning to work and finding a new job.

We recently collected statistics on the number of potholes putting drivers at risk in two of the UK’s biggest cities.

We recently collected statistics on the number of potholes putting drivers at risk in two of the UK’s biggest cities.

JMW’s Accidents Abroad team take a look at the most common mistakes made by UK drivers in Europe and how to avoid them.

Dancer and filmmaker Kathleen Hawkins and model Nancy Harris explain how undergoing an amputation does not need to prevent a person from taking up a new hobby, embarking on a new career and leading a fulfilling life.

There are a number of sports and other physical activities that amputees can get involved in, helping them improve their self-esteem, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance their motor skills.

Amputees can still enjoy holidays to exciting destinations and take part in a broad range of leisure activities; all it takes is some additional planning and preparation for all the eventualities.

If you've suffered an accident or injury, it can have a profound effect on your life; that's why it's important to learn about the full range of special damages you might be able to claim for when pursuing a legal case.

Our guide for students discusses the legalities and potential risks involved when attending university, and offers advice on how to get the very best out of student living.

If you've recently sustained an injury, it's hard to overstate just how important physiotherapy and physical movement are in speeding up the recovery and rehabilitation process.

No win, no fee schemes allow people to make legal claims without having to pay any costs if their claim is unsuccessful. Here, we provide advice on the limitations of these schemes, and what to watch out for to ensure you get the maximum compensation.

If you're looking to make a personal injury claim, we've prepared various resources to help you understand whether or not you are likely to be able to claim, what you can claim for and how the process works.

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