Motorbike Accident Claim Case Studies

  • Multiple Injuries After Motorbike Was Hit by a Van - £130,000

    Multiple Injuries After Motorbike Was Hit by a Van - £130,000Settled for £130,000

    Mr G was involved in a serious motorcycle accident when a van pulled out from a side road into Mr G’s path. He decided to make a claim with JMW Solicitors, where Jason Harwood, Partner, handled his case.

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  • Soft Tissue Injuries and Damage to Scrotum After Accident on a Motorbike - £9,000

    Mr F was awarded £9,000

    Mr F, a motorcyclist, was injured after a driver suddenly reversed into him whilst traffic was stationary. It caused Mr F’s motorcycle to shoot back, the petrol tank to hit him in the groin and the bike to fall over and land on top of him. He sustained soft tissue to his back, shoulders, legs, knees and scrotum, as well as suffering severe soft tissue injuries to his wrists. He decided to make a claim and got in touch with JMW Solicitors, where our road traffic collisions team handled his claim.

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  • Arm and Torso Bruising and Sprained Wrist After Being Knocked off Motorcycle - £1,420

    Mr W was awarded £1,420

    Mr W, a motorcyclist, was in the right hand lane of a roundabout when a driver changed lanes without warning and collided with him. Mr W suffered bruising and pain to his back, both hips, right shoulder, and a sprained wrist. He decided to make a claim and was put in touch with JMW Solicitors where Ayshea Hafeez-Ahmed handled his claim.

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  • Loss of Leg Following Accident on Motorbike

    Mr S.

    Mr S suffered several major injuries, and underwent a leg amputation, after he was thrown from his motorbike after a collision.

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