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Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that arises as a result of a road traffic collision. Whether you were a driver or a passenger in a vehicle that has been involved in a collision and you find yourself suffering from whiplash, you can make a claim.

The personal injury team at JMW is here to help you. Our team has been commended for the high level of service we offer and the clear and concise advice we provide those who want to make a claim.

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What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury to the neck brought about by a sudden acceleration or deceleration of the body. Its impact cannot be seen with the naked eye, but this does not make it any less painful.

In most cases, the onset of its effects will be instant, however, it is not uncommon for symptoms to be delayed for between 24 and 48 hours while the body ‘regroups’ after the trauma and shock it has been through.

A visit to your GP or local A&E department is normally the first port of call after an accident, and, if you want to make a claim, the record of your visit to your GP or A&E may provide useful supporting evidence. More often than not, whiplash sufferers will be checked over and then discharged, possibly with analgesics and/or anti-inflammatories, depending on the severity of their injury. In more serious cases, X-rays or MRI/CAT scans could be required.

For more information on whiplash, take a look at our infographic.

Different Types of Whiplash Treatment

Many sufferers tend to be recover after a couple of weeks, but in certain cases, the symptoms may persist for longer. Fortunately, there is a whole range of treatments available that provide relief by manipulating the neck and back area. These include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Osteopathy
  • Chiropractics

It is not uncommon for victims to sometimes resort to homeopathic remedies, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, if there is a chance that it will provide them with some relief.


  1. How Much Compensation Could I Receive?

    The amount of compensation awarded for a whiplash injury differs from case to case as several factors need to be taken into account, such as the severity of the injury, how long it will take you to recover from the injury and any financial losses you may have experienced as a result of the accident. You can see an estimation of the amount of whiplash compensation you could receive by taking a look at our compensation calculator.

  2. How Long Does a Claim Take?

    It is difficult to determine an exact timescale for a claim due to the number of variables involved. However, we aim to have claims settled quickly and with the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, if responses have to be chased from insurance representatives or third parties, then the claims process can take longer.

  3. If I Claim for Whiplash, Can I Claim for Other Injuries?

    Yes. If you have sustained other injuries in the accident that caused your whiplash injury, you are entitled to make a claim for them. Any claim you make will take into account all injuries caused by a particular accident, provided you advise your lawyer of all your injuries when you make a claim.

Why Choose JMW?

The personal injury team has vast experience in securing compensation for whiplash injuries and we pride ourselves on providing a service that caters to your needs. If you need advice on what you should do following an accident or guidance through the often complex claims process, our solicitors will provide it. Their priority is to ensure you achieve the outcome you deserve.

Our experts will put together a case for compensation that highlights how you have been affected by your whiplash injury. This includes the pain and suffering it has caused you, medical expenses incurred, loss of earnings, and travel costs if you have had to use alternate transportation.

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