Neil Head Testimonial

In this video, Neil Head talks about his experience when making a successful claim for £146,000 compensation following an injury he received when working on a railway site.

Video Transcript

Neil: Up until the date of the accident there was a five man team working and doing this job. Because of cut backs I was told by my employer I had to do it on my own. Because I wasn’t trained a mistake was made, resulting in the post falling and trapping my arm. I received a crush injury where my wrist was fractured in two places, I had irreparable shredded tendons and basically it left me hospitalised.

Neil: I had obviously had the broken arm which then needed physio. I’ve had such severe injuries in my wrist that I’ve had three other operations since then and I still am looking within the next five years of having another operation to fuse the wrist, so that I won’t be able to bend it or move it in any way. I’ve already got the onsets of arthritis in there, it’s completely painful in the cold weather but most of the time when I’m using my arm it gives me so much trouble that it is always in pain and I’m always taking painkillers.

Neil: Gordon every step along the way helped me out, he even secured two interim payments to help with things. I had to have, as I mentioned earlier, some time off work several times to have operations done. I’ve got an obvious nasty scar on my wrist but the time off work where I was obviously unpaid, the interim payments helped us carry on our lives as per normal. That’s not always going to be the case but he’s helped all the way through.

Neil: I used to do quite a lot of mountain biking; now, I still ride a bike but nothing to the level I used to be able to. I used to do clay pigeon shooting, I tried again recently and because of the damage to my wrist the pain for several days after just doesn’t seem worth it, so that’s definitely gone out of the window now. Everyday tasks such as decorating, cooking, cleaning, picking up heavy pans, it all has to be considered and hopefully with the help Gordon has given me, I have other options available now.

Neil: Gordon Cartwright all the way through has been the most professional person I have ever come across. He really does make you feel like he’s on your side, and every single step of the whole process he was there explaining and helping me and without him obviously this wouldn’t be happening now. I would most certainly offer Gordon Cartwright’s name and JMWs; they’ve helped me out on every single step of the way.

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