I would certainly recommend Ian and JMW to handle my case

"I got knocked off my bike by a driver who failed to indicate he was turning left, and I broke my wrist in the process. I couldn't believe it, as I'd been in the cycle lane, and following the rules of the road. I decided to make a claim, and after searching on the internet, I contacted a company that put me in touch with Ian at JMW Solicitors. "I thought Ian was absolutely brilliant. He kept me informed and was to the point, never once making me feel like my claim was being left, or that I was 'just a number'. I was delighted with the settlement that Ian got me. The driver of the car's insurance company tried to suggest for a long time that I should take a share of the responsibility for my accident, which Ian argued against, and eventually, rightfully convinced them to take 100% of the blame. "Ian arranged for me to be compensated for the accident I'd had, my broken wrist, and the earnings I'd lost as a result of having to take time off to recover from my injury. This was a huge boost and made claiming compensation worthwhile. I would certainly recommend Ian and the JMW team to handle my accident, or any other accident a cyclist has had."

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