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I was involved in a road traffic accident whilst carrying out my work as a bus driver. I was proceeding normally down a bus lane when a taxi driver having failed to check his mirrors, swerved around a parked car into the bus lane and directly into the path of me. As a result of the collision, I found myself with severe neck and back pain which resulted in a visit to the hospital and having to take extra strength pain killers. The lawyer handling my case at JMW immediately gave me the impression that she would act for me professionally, competently and with care. She has done an amazing job throughout every step, arranging for me to see two independent specialists about my injuries, negotiating with the insurance company to pay for several sessions of physiotherapy, which speeded up and helped my recovery, and then negotiating a settlement of my case without the need to go to court. I was kept informed every step of the way, your team remained polite, courteous and professional throughout, despite the fact that I never met my lawyer, and have only spoken a few times on the telephone. My injuries took considerably longer to resolve than I would have hoped but the JMW team ensured I got the treatment necessary to reduce the the pain I was in when it was at its most severe. I would use JMW solicitors again if I ever found myself needing legal help and I believe I would get the same professional approach from any of their other solicitors, as I have received from the lawyer who handled my claim. If I found a friend in a similar situation to the one I found myself in, I would without hesitation suggest they call JMW solicitors directly.

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