I'd recommend JMW as a good firm to provide you with help when you need it

"JMW is an excellent firm of solicitors. "I was injured when I was travelling as a passenger in a taxi. The taxi had stopped at a red light on a main road when all of a sudden, a car emerged from a side turning and hit the passenger side of the taxi. "I was thrown to the floor, being given quite a shock. I experienced pain down both sides of my body, in my legs, arms, hands, ribs and neck. "I was put in touch with JMW Solicitors after a friend suggested I make a personal injury claim, and that I should call a claims company that JMW work with. "They were really very polite; they explained everything properly, straight away, and really put me at ease. They told me about everything I'd need to do in a way that was easy to understand. JMW also helped put me on the road to recovery; they sent me to see a GP, who said that I'd sprained several of my muscles and I developed stiffness in my neck, and arranged for me to go and have some physiotherapy. "Although it took me some months to fully recover from my injuries, the help that JMW provided was very good. It took just over a year for my case to be settled, and throughout that time, JMW was there to answer any questions, explaining my options every step of the way. "JMW helped me get the compensation I deserved by negotiating with the insurance company on my behalf. I'd recommend JMW as a good firm to provide you with help when you need it."

Mrs M

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