It goes without saying that I'd recommend JMW to anyone

"I worked for a local water company as a technician for over 30 years, and I was exposed to a lot of different noisy environments. Initially, I thought that the hearing loss problems I was suffering were due to age. But once I spoke with the team at JMW, it became clear to me that a lot of my problems came as a result of the environments I'd been working with, and a lack of adequate hearing protection provided to me by my employers. "I decided to make a claim with JMW Solicitors and I must say that I was delighted with the service I received throughout the course of my claim. They kept me up to date and informed at every stage, so that I always knew what was going on and always knew what was needed from me to make sure things continued to run smoothly. "Aneela, Andy and the rest of the team were always helpful over the phone if ever I needed to get in touch with them. It all made me feel as though my case was important to them, and that I was more than just a file on someone's desk. "Thanks to Aneela and the team, I've been able to get hearing aids, which have made a massive difference to my day to day life when it comes to things like talking with people on the phone, to being able to hear people in crowded environments and in public spaces. "It really has transformed my life and I'm very happy that it was JMW who were able to do that for me. It almost goes without saying that I'd recommend them to anyone who has had similar problems. Their service is excellent."

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