Lesley Spain Testimonial

Lesley suffered from a whiplash injury when a van drove into the back of her stationary car.  She made a claim with JMW.  This is her story.

Video Transcript

Lesley: We were driving from Manchester to a funeral and we had stopped the car because there was a fire engine and all the cars had stopped and the van behind hadn’t stopped and went straight into the back of us

So I went onto their website and straight away they were really friendly, lots of information you know, lots of diagrams to show what happens if and when, they weren’t sort of, “so so so”, and it just really stood out.

I got this lady Michelle and I explained everything to her and she was just amazing, she took all the information she needed, she was very professional but really friendly and very sympathetic.

Well straight away on my left side there was a pain from the top of my shoulders right down to the centre of my back, so I didn’t get out of the car, that’s why in the end the ambulance was called. The pain was really quite strong so I, I walk my dog, and I couldn’t walk the length of time I needed to walk and I was advised by the physio not to walk at that length, so that went on for some weeks.

What I did like about Michelle is she told me at every stage what was going on, and sometimes I would be surprised how fast it went on because sometimes she would say one thing and the next minute I got a phone call from someone else saying “All right, I got a phone call from Michelle and this is what’s going to happen.” I like the fact that I had a son in Scotland, my partner was working in the Isle of Man and I had one in Manchester and she was dealing with everybody, getting doctor’s reports, nearest you could go so you didn’t have to travel miles, convenient days and hours and telling me how it is, and how I had to, you know, the appointments that were important and that I had to make and that was really interesting always, it was really good really, yes.

If you rang her she did answer you within 24 hours and any information she got she would ring me and leave a message to say “Right Lesley we’ve got this, this is what’s going to happen now, this is what’s going to happen, leave it with me, I will get back” and she did, there was never any delays, there was never any weeks going by, I wanted to recommend this lady to anybody. If you want to go with Michelle then please do, she’s very good at what she does. I had a look at all the other websites and I did feel that JMW were very professional in the way it portrays its website, and I don’t think it could do anymore by its friendly ways and the fact it was so efficient, I wouldn’t recommend another company than JMW. 

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