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Rita suffered a hip injury when a taxi door was opened which knocked her into a metal advertising hoarding.  She made a claim with JMW.  This is her story.

Video Transcript

Rita: In this situation ‘no win no fee’ really does mean that, and JMW are a firm you can trust and I would recommend them to anybody who has an accident. I wouldn't have any hesitation.

Rita: I was walking to the local railway station, a taxi drew up at the side of me, my right hand side, someone got out, opened their door randomly, didn't look what they were doing, hit me on my right arm and the impact propelled me into a metal advertising hoarding. It had metal legs and I bounced off these legs and fractured the neck of my femur.

Rita: Over a number of days, I had conversations with my lawyer and the legal process was explained to me. This I felt was very important because as a lay-person I knew nothing. I could also have been ripped off, I could also, you know, this thing could have been dragged on for years and all the rest of it. I was told this is what will happen: we will have to wait for certain processes to happen, for my hip to heal and also, for me to be interviewed by independent orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons in fact. All this would take time, so I was prepared for it to take time.

Rita: We kept in touch by email and I was informed every step of the way what was happening. She would say “I have had a letter from such and such”, “I will need you to do this”, “Our next step will be this”, “I will make an appointment for you, so and so”. It was just continual and I knew what was happening and I felt very comfortable with that. I also felt I could speak to her whenever I wanted to, she wasn't just some disembodied voice on the end of a phone, she was someone I could speak to who appreciated what I had been through, who believed me, and you know, we kind of became a partnership if you like.

Rita: I was eventually awarded £36,000 and I do feel it was fair, you could also say I wish it was more but the point is I am no worse off from that accident than I was before. I haven’t been left deficient, I still have a leg, and I've actually got a very good leg because it now has an artificial hip in it. I don’t limp. My original accident had left me with a shortened leg but the hip replacement I had straightened that leg up so I am now back to where I was originally.

Rita: Well I would certainly recommend JMW, because they were honest and upfront from the very start. I was told; in fact I think I still have it in writing, that it was absolutely ‘no win no fee’. I was left in no doubt. JMW are a firm you can trust and I would recommend them to anybody who does have an accident. I wouldn't have any hesitation.

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