"Thank you" doesn't seem like enough for what they've done

"Our claim came about after a decade's worth of another law firm mishandling my son's personal injury claim. My son had sustained injuries after falling down an open hatch in Woolworths and I made a claim on his behalf. But that claim had been thrown out of court, which our previous solicitor hadn't told us. Naturally, I was devastated and it was suggested to me that we make a professional negligence claim against that solicitor. A family member recommended JMW Solicitors could help me with this. Andy Lilley came on board, and obtained the file on the original claim from the previous solicitor. We have been with JMW for just under a year and that's all it took for him to resolve it successfully, which we were delighted with. It had always taken a long time to get answers or a response from the other firm, I chased and chased them on numerous occasions. But I never felt like I had to chase Andy. I've never had to even think about how our case was progressing, because Andy always stayed in touch with me. If ever I needed Andy, he'd be there, at the end of a phone line and having that presence was so very reassuring. Andy is that efficient, that you only have to email him and he'll reply to you in minutes, and that to me, means a lot. Andy was amazing because he helped me focus on my key priority - making sure my son was taken care of. He had a plan, he wasn't willing to settle for the initial offers made, and he was always at great pains to reassure me that we'd get an appropriate settlement. I've lived and learned very quickly that making a claim is all down to finding a very good solicitor who can be responsive, turn things round and keep you in the loop about what's going on. Andy is the person that's done all of that and Andy is the person that makes me confident in knowing that I could make a claim again, and that I'd be happy to recommend JMW Solicitors to others. I sent Andy an email when we came out of court and basically said that thank you doesn't seem enough for what you've done - it's been nearly 11 years and whilst my son is doing well now, it had taken a long time for him to get there. This has felt like a lovely resolution finally for both of us. We came out of court that day, and couldn't believe it was over after 11 years. At least now he can use the money that Andy has helped him secure to start his life and forge a path for himself. Andy's involvement has really meant the world to me and for that, I'll be forever grateful."

Mrs L

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