The Cost of The Delayed Care Fees Cap - An Infographic

In 2013, the government announced plans to cap the cost of residential care with nursing to no more than £72,000 across a person's lifetime. Until this point, there has never been an upper limit on the amount of money an individual can pay on care, which can well run into a six-figure sum. The limit was announced as part of The Care Bill and was due to come into effect in 2016. However, this has since been delayed until 2020 and JMW recognises that this could have a hugely negative financial impact on those requiring care before this date.

A person needing care may be required to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for it; significant sums that many would struggle to afford. With the introduction of the four-year delay, JMW wanted to find out just how much the delay would impact individuals already going through such a difficult time.

Our infographic shows, by region, the average price an individual pays for residential care with nursing for four years, therefore highlighting the real cost of the four-year delay.

The Findings

Our research shows that a person who begins paying for residential care with nursing in 2016 will have passed the £72,000 lifetime care fees cap by the time it comes into effect in 2020, with the cap exceeded by more than £60,000 in some parts of England.

The findings are based on the average cost of residential care with nursing for four years across different regions in England, as outlined in the Laing & Buisson Care of Older People UK Market Report 2013/14. They reveal that, minus average general living costs of £12,000 per year (which do not count towards the cap), the average cost of residential care with nursing in England across four years is £104,048 - markedly higher than the £72,000 cap.

When broken down by region, the findings show that the most expensive cost is in the South East at £133,792, followed by London at £123,600 and the South West at £116,528. At the other end of the scale, the North East was shown to be the least expensive at £74,928, followed by Yorkshire and the Humber at £88,240 and the North West at £91,984. Notably, even the average amounts in the least expensive regions are higher than the £72,000 cap.

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There are a number of ways you can plan ahead to help cover the high cost of residential care with nursing. We would always advise you to start thinking about future finances long before care even becomes a consideration, and at JMW we can assist with matters such as:

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➢ The appointment of lasting powers of attorney

➢ Assistance with gifts and inheritance tax planning

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