6 to 8 month Totting Up Disqualification Avoided – Discretionary Disqualification of 50 Days

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6 to 8 month Totting Up Disqualification Avoided – Discretionary Disqualification of 50 Days

Hojol Uddin, Jack Pittam and Elisha Kaur successfully represented an individual who was at risk of a lengthy disqualification period following an single charge of excessive speed. Mr D was at risk of becoming a “totter” due to previous speeding offences, therefore he instructed Hojol Uddin at JMW Solicitors to prepare and mitigate on his behalf.

Mr D’ receiving a lengthy disqualification would have a detrimental impact on his family and professional life as his role in both settings required him to spend most of his time predominantly in his vehicle. Mr D also provided his and his family’s medical conditions which were used as supporting mitigation. A key part of Mr D’s defence was to show the hardship which would be caused to those around him being his wife, children, employees and the impact on his involvement with grassroots football through his involvement with a well-known premier league football club. JMW Solicitors prepared the individual’s important mitigation for his sentence hearing, with the plan to request a short discretionary disqualification, rather than points. After careful consideration with JMW Solicitors, Mr D decided to give evidence on his personal mitigation and explained to the Court the impact which would be suffered by those closest to him (innocent individuals). The Court when passing their “finely poised” decision, imposed a discretionary disqualification instead of penalty points as requested. Therefore, the client received a substantial reduction in his disqualification period and was thoroughly pleased.

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