Careless Driving – Lengthy Disqualification avoided after high speed crash

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Careless Driving – Lengthy Disqualification avoided after high speed crash

Hojol Uddin and Elisha Kaur successfully represented an individual who was at risk of a lengthy disqualification period following an single charge of careless driving. . Mr C was at risk of becoming a “totter” due to previous speeding offences, and or being disqualified for up to 12 months for the offence itself due to the speed suggested and video presented, therefore he instructed JMW Solicitors to prepare and mitigate on his behalf. Mr C accepted that he drove the vehicle in excess of the speed limit and when he hit a dip in the road, he lost control of the vehicle. Thereby resulting in an accident causing damage to the vehicle and fencing.

Mr C instructed JMW Solicitors in order to minimise the overall sentence as he was a bus driver with Transport for London and he needed to retain his license for the sake of his employment and family responsibilities. JMW Solicitors advised Mr C that they would try to secure a discretionary ban in the first instance to avoid his licence being endorsed with further points which would result him in being a “totter”. Mr C confirmed that he was happy to proceed on this basis.

Mr C entered a guilty plea at this hearing so that he could obtain maximum full credit on his inevitable sentence. JMW Solicitors advocated on Mr C’s behalf and provided his mitigation in relation to his personal circumstances. When passing Judgement, the court confirmed that this was a Category One case and sentenced Mr C to 56 day disqualification. Mr C did not receive any further penalty points and was relieved.

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