Speeding –Warrington Magistrates Court – Police Failures on Speedometer check and signage issues

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Speeding –Warrington Magistrates Court – Police Failures on Speedometer check and signage issues

Mr. P was prosecuted for an offence of exceeding the speed limit of speeds up to 105 miles per hour over a distance of 3-5 miles. He contacted our firm as he was aware of our reputation in courts throughout England and Wales having a dedicated department for driving offences. He was represented by Hojol Uddin.

The evidence against Mr. P was overwhelming on the face of the paperwork that we had received. On the face of his case he was facing a disqualification in excess of 2 months for speeds of 105 miles per hour in a 60 miles per hour location. However, when we requested further information from the Police it transpired that the location the Police Officer suggested was not a 60 miles per hour location, it was a 70 miles per hour location. This was also corroborated by the Highways Agency on a Traffic Regulation Order(TRO). The Police Officer got it wrong. In addition, when the mathematics of the speed, distance and time were considered our client was not travelling at 105 miles per hour but rather 97 miles per hour. This was the second mistake by the Police Officer.

This was highlighted to the prosecution whom we have dealt with often and they agreed and amended the speed to 97 miles per hour and also the location. This now placed our client in a category far less than initially thought. He was still at risk of a disqualification between 7-28 days or 4-6 points. Mr. P was a design engineer for a large engineering firm and any period of disqualification or 6 points would result in him being unable to work.

Mr. Uddin attended Court asked the prosecutor to further agree to limit the distance travelled at such a speed, which they agreed.

The case was first in the Court room and Mr. Uddin submitted that it should be dealt with by penalty points and not a disqualification. In addition those points should be the minimum of 4 points.

The Magistrates agreed and imposed 4 points. The client was happy, and so was his mother who attended to support her son.

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