Being a Trainee at JMW’s London Office

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Being a Trainee at JMW’s London Office

In May 2019, JMW opened its London office with a small team. By April 2021 the team had increased in size to almost one hundred partners and employees. In this blog, I offer a short insight into life as a trainee at our rapidly growing London office.

Who are JMW?

JMW is a full service national law firm. Our London team’s specialisms can be viewed here.

Where are JMW?

JMW is based in Manchester (head office), Liverpool and London. The London office is located in King’s House at 36-37 King Street, near Bank Underground Station, City of London.

Why JMW?

Having enjoyed studying and then working in Manchester for five years, JMW was the perfect choice of law firm in London when I decided to take on the capital city. After talking with a friend in the Manchester office, I knew that JMW had a great work culture. I was particularly inspired by JMW’s philosophy of developing paralegals into trainees into solicitors.

In all, my decision was made easy by the prospect of contributing to the growth of an exciting London project at an employee-focused firm with a Manchester soul.

What can I expect?

You should expect to work directly with partners who are experts in their fields and to be given a high level of responsibility. This work culture is supplemented by the office being completely open plan, so you are able to more easily ask for help or be asked for help. As a trainee in a full service firm, this environment will enable you to explore the breadth and depth of various legal sectors.

What has stood out to you?

I would say the impressive recruitment drive is definitely something that has stood out to me, particularly in times of Brexit uncertainty and the global pandemic. The standard of recruitment has been high and so each new lawyer brings with them a wealth of experience and expertise that, as a trainee, is an invaluable source of learning.

I would also highlight that, irrespective of seniority, JMW encourage you to network and promote yourself as a brand, for instance through LinkedIn posts or by attending events. This provides a unique freedom to forge your career path.

What is an example of work you have done?

I am currently in my first seat, working with the Business Crime team.

I recently contacted a prospective client who had enquired about a civil neighbour dispute which the client said had led to criminal harassment. I took the details of their enquiry and arranged a consultation with one of our partners.

I was then asked to prepare a schedule of evidence the client had sent to us prior to the consultation. This entailed reviewing hundreds of pages of documents as well as multiple video and audio recordings. I then took detailed notes during the consultation, having attended with the partner.

Following the consultation, I was asked to draft the advice letter to the client based on what was discussed. The client was highly complementary of our work and instructed us to conduct further work.

This is typical of my experience as a trainee so far, in that my team has involved me in a case from beginning to end, therefore providing me with an opportunity to follow a case’s life span.

More importantly, how’s the social life?

JMW organises regular social events, including summer and winter office parties and regular Friday drinks, as well as sporting/charitable events such as taking part in the London Legal Walk. We also stay in close contact with our northern colleagues who often visit us in London and who we occasionally visit in Manchester, so you will be able to tap into a national network of colleagues.

What’s next?

Should you successfully apply for a training contract at JMW, you will open yourself up to a truly unique opportunity. You could play a big part in the firm’s growth for years to come, as we establish ourselves in London.

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