My First Year as a Trainee - Ben Woodall

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My First Year as a Trainee - Ben Woodall

October marked just over a year since I began my training contract here at JMW. In that time, I have worked alongside a wide range of individuals across three different departments having spent time in Real Estate Commercial, Employment and Real Estate Finance.

As a trainee, over the course of a year you learn a lot about yourself both personally and professionally.

You quickly realise that you do not have all the answers and that one of the best traits to have is to be inquisitive and, where and if you are unsure, simply ask. Those who you work alongside will be aware that you are dealing with an issue, drafting a document, or talking to a client for the first time and will be understanding and supportive in that regard. I have always taken comfort and reassurance in reminding myself that as a trainee you are still in the process of learning and plying your trade.

Further, and although at times it can be difficult, be patient and allow yourself time to understand the different challenges and nuances of each department in which you work. With four seat rotations over the course of two years, you are going to be placed in departments where the scope and nature of the work is completely different to what you may be used to and, at times, it may feel that you are outside of your ‘comfort zone’. As time has progressed, I have seen this as an opportunity rather than a challenge to broaden my technical knowledge and apply and develop different skill sets.

However, with all that said, what I deem most important is the basics which I see as the foundations that you lay which allow you to build on the experiences you gain throughout your training. These are quite simple and are certainly not rocket science. Turn up (and turn up on time - so far as the trains allow!), show a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm to help members of your team and most importantly give your best at all times taking pride in each task that you carry out.

It is not all plain sailing and there will be challenges along the way but at JMW you are provided with a platform to grow both personally and professionally which, over the past twelve months, I have seen first-hand both in myself and also throughout my trainee cohort.

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