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Intellectual property (IP) protection is crucial to the success of any business. If you require legal support on any aspect of patent and copyright law, the expert intellectual property lawyers at JMW are here to help.

Our commercial law team has worked with businesses from across a wide range of sectors and backgrounds to help them protect and defend their IP, as well as offer legal guidance when potential infringements or legal challenges arise.

For expert advice on any aspect of trademark, copyright and patent law, contact our IP solicitors today. Call us on 0345 872 6666, or complete our online contact form to request a call back.

How JMW Can Help

Our commercial law team has extensive experience of working to protect trademarks, patents and copyrights across an array of business sectors, including manufacturing, design and fashion, media and technology. We have also worked to address IP issues pertaining to the music industry, including recording contracts, publishing deals and management agreements.

JMW’s IP solicitors can assist you with:

  • The identification and protection of your ideas and intellectual property rights
  • The exploitation of your intellectual property rights, including buying and selling, licensing and partnering arrangements
  • Defending your intellectual property rights against challenge or infringement claims
  • Challenging other people’s rights in intellectual property

Intellectual property can be a key component that adds value to a business and maximises its competitive position in its relevant market. If you are concerned that your business is not capitalising on the value of your IP, we can provide you with the intellectual property law expertise to put this right.

Our Services

Intellectual property law contains numerous mechanisms and processes, each providing protection in different but important ways. Our IP solicitors can provide guidance and support on the following matters:

  • Copyright -protection for the expression of ideas, including literary, dramatic and artistic expression
  • Trade marks - marks and brands used by a trader to distinguish its products or services from those of other traders, whether registered or unregistered
  • Passing off - the process by which a fraudulent business falsely passes off their products or services as being associated with another established provider
  • Design rights - provides both registered and unregistered protection for the appearance of the whole or part of a product
  • Patents - protection of inventions, in particular new and inventive technical features of products and processes
  • Database rights - protection for the compilation of information comprising a database
  • Confidential information - protection of information, know-how and trade secrets that are confidential

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