Intellectual Property Registration & Strategy

Intellectual property (IP) is often the most valuable set of assets owned by any business, but this vital area is all too often overlooked and neglected. 

A strategically secured and managed IP portfolio can be extremely worthwhile, giving your business the competitive edge in every relevant market. We will help you through the process of registering and creating a strategy for your intellectual property assets to ensure they are adequately protected.

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How JMW Can Help

Our experienced intellectual property law solicitors will guide your business through the following:

  • Identifying where and when your IP should be registered
  • Monitoring and protecting your IP against infringement
  • Helping to identify suitable insurance cover
  • Valuing your IP to increase revenue or reduce costs

At JMW, we are able to take advantage of the experts in our other departments, including commercial, business crime and data protection, meaning you can benefit from an all-round service of the highest standard. 

For instance, if your business invests in patented inventions (and other certain innovations) in the UK, it may be entitled to a lower rate of Corporation Tax. Our tax experts will ensure your business benefits from the maximum saving, so you can further invest in your company’s future.

Intellectual Property Registration

Most intellectual property rights have some level of basic protection without the need to register them in any given jurisdiction. However, the benefits of registering are numerous, and most sophisticated businesses regularly register their key brands, logos and straplines as trade marks; their new products as registered designs; and their inventions as patents.

In some jurisdictions, such as the USA, and certain rights like patentable innovations, registration is vital.

Monitoring Your Intellectual Property

Once registered, JMW’s intellectual property law team will set up systems to monitor others seeking to register or sell similar products or services that could infringe your IP rights in key markets. 

This includes software that monitors companies seeking to set up using your name on social media and Companies House, buy similar domain names, and offer for sale products on marketplaces worldwide. 

In addition, we have a team of Trading Standards specialists who will assist with liaising with relevant agencies to prevent the importation of, and dealing in, counterfeits.

With JMW’s help, you will significantly reduce your business’s management time in monitoring your IP and speed up takedowns that could harm your business.

Intellectual Property Insurance

As a result of online detection, a growing number of businesses are making intellectual property infringement claims, but many are unable to take action due to the perceived costs involved. With intellectual property being an asset like any other, it should be insured, given its high value.

The intellectual property solicitors at JMW work with leading IP insurance providers to easily place insurance cover on your business’s key intellectual property assets, making sure you have peace of mind that it is covered.

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