Court of Appeal

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Court of Appeal

The criminal trial process is not free from mistakes or injustice, and sometimes people are convicted of a crime they did not commit. However, with the help of JMW’s expert criminal defence team, you can attempt to have a conviction overturned by appealing to the Court of Appeal.

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What is the Court of Appeal?

The Court of Appeal is the highest court within the senior courts of England and Wales, dealing solely with appeals from other courts and tribunals. It handles two types of matters: criminal and civil.

How to Make an Appeal Against a Conviction

Should you or a family member wish to make an appeal and you have the grounds to do so, you should seek expert legal advice at once. Common appeals include:

Appeals Against Conviction

These can be complex and are typically based on incorrect rulings on the law, new evidence or irregularities during the trial. When appealing against a conviction, the process can be particularly difficult. Expert legal representation is vital and can you help you thoroughly prepare for an appeal and guide you through the process.

Appeals Against Sentence

These are often made when it is believed that a punishment is too harsh, such as when a sentence is thought to be excessive or incorrect in law or principle. Although appeals against sentence are more common, the complexities involved mean it is essential you seek experienced legal representation to give you the best chance of getting the outcome you want.

Many appeals fail because of the length of time between the conviction or sentence and the lodging of the appeal notice. Many more fail because they have not been properly prepared. Appellants need to act quickly to obtain proper advice.

Emerging victorious from the Court of Appeal can be difficult, which is why it is important you seek the very best legal advice if you wish to appeal a court decision.

Why Choose JMW?

We provide a private client criminal law service that is designed to offer a thorough, detailed and highly-focused approach to legal representation. Our experienced and qualified team is able to guide you through the appeals process, offering first-class assistance every step of the way.

Appealing a criminal conviction or sentence is a tricky task, but our solicitors will dedicate the time and effort required to help you put a strong appeal case forward. Our aim is to ensure you stand the best possible chance of contesting a conviction or sentence.

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