Crown Court Representation

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Crown Court Representation

Although most criminal cases are settled in the Magistrates’ Court, some can only be dealt with in the Crown Court. Cases that are heard in Crown Court usually involve serious and complex crimes, so it is essential that you seek expert legal representation at the earliest possible opportunity.

At JMW, our legal team is fully equipped to deal with Crown Court cases and can offer expertise and assistance every step of the way.

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About Crown Court

The Court Court deals with cases involving serious crimes, for example, murder, rape and robbery. It also handles appeals against a conviction or sentence made in the Magistrates’ Court and handles cases passed on from it.

There will be a jury responsible for deciding whether the accused is guilty or not, and a judge who will decide what sentence the accused receives if they are found guilty. Sentences given in Crown Court usually include imprisonment and community payback.

What Cases Are Taken to Crown Court?

Court Crown Court cases are known as indictable cases and include crimes such as:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Serious assaults
  • Robbery
  • Conspiracy offences

Some offences, such as fraud, theft, drug supplying and certain categories of assault, can be dealt within either Magistrates’ Court or Crown Court and are referred to as ‘triable either way offences’. The Magistrates’ Court considers a number of factors in deciding whether or not to accept jurisdiction, although a defendant can ultimately decide to have their case sent to the Crown Court for trial.

The seriousness of cases transferred to the Crown Court is reflected in the severity of the punishment, so having access to advice from a legal team that is highly skilled and experienced in such matters is imperative.

Why Choose JMW?

We offer a bespoke private criminal law service to all our clients - ensuring you are in the strongest possible position in Crown Court - through thorough preparation, detailed analysis and a dedicated approach.

Undergoing a trial in Crown Court can be an extremely distressful and worrying time due to the large impact a verdict can have on your life. That’s why it is important that you have an expert solicitor in your corner, fighting on your behalf and providing you with relevant advice and information throughout proceedings.

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