Indecent Images

Indecent images or unsuitable photographs of children represent a highly sensitive area of law, and those embroiled in cases related to such matters often endure a very stressful time. At JMW, we promise to offer all the help we can to ease you through the process, offering support and understanding despite the nature of the allegations.

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Prosecuting for the Possession of Indecent Imagery

If you have been accused of owning indecent images, the prosecution must prove that the images are inappropriate and that owning them was deliberate. Sentences are decided by a number of factors, including:

  • The amount of images owned
  • The age of the subject(s) in the imagery
  • The vulnerability of the subject(s) in the imagery
  • The pain or distress suffered by the subject(s)

The more images in your possession, the greater chance of a stricter penalty upon conviction.

Types of Indecent Images

Indecent images are photographs, videos and files that have been judged as inappropriate by the court. There are three categories that have been outlined by the Sexual Offences Definitive Guideline:

  • Category A includes imagery showing penetrative sexual activity
  • Category B includes imagery showing non-penetrative sexual activity
  • Category C includes imagery showing erotic posing

It is also a criminal act to produce or distribute indecent imagery. This includes pseudo photographs, which is when an image is created to look like a genuine photograph taken by a camera.

Why Choose JMW?

At JMW, we offer a private client criminal law service that ensures our clients are given the best possible representation and advice. Friendly and reliable, our specialist solicitors are aware people can be the target of malicious allegations, and a defence team's technical expertise can often be the difference between conviction and acquittal.

We treat our clients with respect and total confidentiality, providing assistance to limit the impact that such investigations can have on your family, friends and life in general.

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