Sexual Offences

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Sexual Offences

Accusations of sexual misconduct can be distressing for all involved, and our team of expert solicitors appreciates the sensitive nature of such allegations. We handle all cases of this type with great care and tact, providing you with the best possible defence and doing all we can to ensure your reputations is safeguarded.

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Defending Against Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Sexual offences are very serious and allegations of such misconduct can be very damaging to a person’s character. Therefore, we endeavour to:

  • Provide expert representation, support and advice
  • Prepare thoroughly for an investigation
  • Draw on our vast experience in this area of law to achieve the best possible outcome
  • Be discreet yet highly proactive in our actions

It is essential that the proper support is provided as soon as possible in order to make sure procedures are followed correctly and your rights are fully protected.

What is a Sexual Offence?

If you have been accused of committing a sexual offence, the prosecution must prove that consent was not given, unless the person involved is under the age of 16. Examples of sexual offences we have dealt with include:

  • Indecent images
  • Rape
  • Sexual assault
  • Grooming
  • Exploitation

Anyone who holds a position of trust - including a teacher, care worker, foster parent or step relative - and engages in sexual activity with a child is legally considered to have committed a sexual assault. Allegations of this nature can place considerable strain on those involved, so it is vital you seek legal advice to help defend against any accusations.

Why Choose JMW?

Our private client criminal law service ensures that cases relating to sexual offences are given the care and attention they require. Our bespoke service enables us to be even more dedicated and attentive in our approach.

We appreciate the difficulties faced by individuals accused of sexual misconduct and promise to offer our full support throughout the entire process. Given the seriousness of such accusations and the punishments they can bring, we provide first-class support from the very outset - something of the utmost importance when a person’s character has been called into question.

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